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VIC Message to the Bike Cop on the Eastern This Morning

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Eddo, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. To the Eastern fwy bike cop using the emergency lane to ping riders allegedlly lane spitting this morning......f#@k you.

    To the rider who I saw get pinged.....you were riding sensibly, all the right gear etc ,it could have easily been me, commiserations
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  3. Thanks for the interesting article Michael....I wonder if there is going to be a bit of a police blitz along the Eastern and Alexandra Pde? Generally I split/filter only when the traffic is stationery or doing no more than 5kmh. I think the only reason the cop left me alone is that I was travelling at the same speed as the traffic and there was a sizeable gap on my rhs between the front and rear vehicle.

    Take care out there
  4. Hmm, I wonder why they put a bike cop there instead of a car.

    Oh, so he can split to catch up and dole out a fine. :facepalm:
  5. There were two police on motorcycles that morning.
    In England it's called "Lane Filtering" not "Lane Splitting".
    One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter !

    keep safe

    cheers Michael
  6. In Australia:
    Lane Filtering is moving between slow moving or stopped lanes of traffic.
    Lane Splitting is moving between lanes of traffic moving at or near the posted limit.

    Some would argue that you are Lane Splitting if you are moving at more than a specified speed, such as 30 Km/h. The definitions overlap, and there is no firm rule as to when you stop filtering and start splitting.

    The reason for the two definitions is that Lane Filtering can easily be justified as safe, reduces congestions, reduces the risk of rear end collisions of cars with bikes, and is generally beneficial to all road users. Justifying Lane Splitting is a little harder to achieve.
  7. I'm guessing that the intention of that particular rule is to allow emergency vehicles access in, hmm, I dunno, an emergency? ](*,)
  8. Given the time I have just wasted trying to find the actual rule, I doubt that it is reasonable for any citizen to be expected to analyse the intention of the rule (wherever it is).

    Doesn't matter. Nobody is going to stop cops using the emergency stopping lane, and cops are not going to allow splitting on freeways, end of story.
  9. What a bastard. Highway Motorcycle Police Policing Motorcycles on the Highway.

  10. +1 Bastards
  11. Hmm, that does seem to be the message coming out of there.
  12. Mine was supposed to be ironies.
  13. +2 Still Bastards with a side of irony:popcorn:
  14. OK guys, not sure if any one of you guys were on the eastern on the 12/02 which was yesterday afternoon around 4:45pm... well I got booked there for lane splitting but the notice was actually for "Failed to leave enough room when overtaking".
    Ok, here is the story, since there was road works that afternoon I was being my usual self keeping behind the traffic as it was crawling and not stationary. But once past the Doncaster Rd exit the lines jammed up and so did I stop as well. Once the traffic started to move out again I just kept up with the pace.
    This is where it gets tricky, the car I was following suddenly braked but the car infront kept moving but because there was enough room to pass him I avoided the sudden stop and avoided the car. So I lane splited for a few cars then as I found an opening to go back into the lane a copper on a bike flashed at me and pulled me over, and now I have a fine and 2 points less....

    Umm just in case u'd asked I signaled in when I got into the lane...
  15. What times are these? I never see coppers going to work and only occasionally on the way home.
    There is nothing wrong with splitting, it's purely a safety thing ;)
  16. Mate, I was riding Eastbound and passed you while you were being booked.

    I gotta say the copper didnt do much to help the traffic keep flowing by pulling you over in the right hand emergency lane!!!

    I saw another 2 patrol cars in between there and Eastlink, so they were obviously on a mission yesterday.

  17. So will there be another big write up in the paper "Police target motorcycle hoons on freeway"?
  18. Think I saw another rider nabbed for alledgedly splitting on the eastern this morning but cant be sure. This time it was a marked police car who was in the right hand lane. Quick blip of the siren and some sort of conversation through the front passenger window which resulted in the rider leaving the freeway at hoddle st. The cop couldnt change lanes to follow so not sure what happened. To the rider..best of luck mate hope you didnt get nabbed or there's any sort of follow up.

    If you ride the eastern watch out ....the oinkers are still active at seems.
  19. The fact that the overtake was successful and there was no incident would suggest that enough room was left. I would contest it.
  20. Justus is right. It's like hitting 250 in a school zone and saying because you didn't crash or hit a kid, that it is clearly safe to do 250 and it should be the speed limit there. bzzzzt.