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Message to new riders

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by raven, Apr 30, 2010.


    Do you think that you don't need to - really??!!!??? If so - you're a stupid ass!!!!....See you in the emergency ward soon, eh!! :demon:


    so, C'MON!!! - be a "smart" rider, AND READ THE FIRST PAGE!

    (Note....if I had my way, you would'nt even be on a bike until you fully understood and could demonstrate it over and over again)

    Your "L" plates are'nt a "ticket to ride" they are a "ticket to learn"
  2. *bows down to the almighty, knowledgeable, cranky raven *
  3. Personally, I think Raven's advice to read it is spot on. Getting your L plates is far too easy, they don't teach you how to ride, they teach you how to pass the test.

    So many new riders get into trouble with target fixation when cornering, even at low speed - if you look at it you are going to head straight toward it and probably hit it. I see new riders wobbling around the most basic of bends / corners on my daily commute.

    Excellent write up from Robsalvv and good advice to read it from Raven imho
  4. have i missed something, looks like it's been views about 1400+ times :-s
  5. LOL @ Raven! Read it now, or Raven's blood pressure gets it! :grin:

    Stewy, hopefully that means there's about a 1000 wiser riders.
  6. 1400 times is pissweek!, and does'nt mean 1400 riders. I've visited the thread at least 20 times myself, mate.

    There's 3700+ reads on "getting the elbow down", and 2200+ reads on "wheelies"...Good and interesting threads, but not anywhere near as important. (relatively speaking)
  7. the post is toooo looong and boring I garuntee most people started it and gave up. if you really want to get the message through make a video and put it on youtube.

    people are lazy and dont want to read an essay.
  8. So whilst we're on the subject, how do you prefer to wheelie ? :p
  9. Mostly, on the back wheel. :p
  10. That's exactly the frackin me generation sentiment that the post was raised to address. FFS.

    If it takes more time to read the post than a good cornering you tube video, I'll go heave.
  11. Not trying to put a dampener on things but......... why are 'elbow down, wheelie, backing it in, power slide topics even in the 'New Riders' forum...??
    Not saying they shouldnt be able to view such topics but is this forum the right place for them in any way, shape or form....
    ........ and agree with you Raven'......new riders should start with the basics, and cornering is a pretty important basic..... unfortunately some are too eager to step outside their zone of experience and try the 'cool' things......which can all too often end up hurting........ hence my query.
  12. im just telling ya how it is rob. not saying its wrong just that allot of people wont read it for that reason

    personally: reading on a forum aint the way to learn cornering technique. get a book, watch a vid and get out there and ride with some people who know wht they are talking about.
  13. Because s is not the “New Riders” Forum, it is the “New Riders and Riding Tips” Forum
  14. After their first big off, you can be sure they'll come back and read it like their life depends on it.
  15. I have read it a few times already and will continue to do so for a while yet. When what I read and what I do are in synch then I'll look for the next thing to learn.

    The truth is that learner riders are either learning or lucky. Sometimes both. But you can overcome a lack of luck with learning but you can't rely on luck to overcome a lack of learning.

    Fellow newbies - Read the post again...and again...and again...redofromstart

    If you won't do it for yourself - at least think of Raven's blood pressure!

    Fun Ha!
  16. You've got a good point there Chef ol bud......:)
    We should collect all new riders....send them down a half decent road that requires a little cornering, ignore the ones that survive and provide a printed copy for the rest so they can have a read while they're in hospital.

    Yeah...I like this...;-)))))

    ...And we could video the whole thing, put it on youtube (if it takes youtube to get the message across - as one of the previous posts might just have correctly alluded to)
  17. John… who shat in your porridge this morning mate?
  18. I read your post with great relief, mate...Honestly. What you said is exactly the case, and it's fantastic to see a new rider passing on the message to his fellow new riders. Perhaps coming from a "like" rider the message might be heard more often..
    Thanks for that. :)

  19. The You Tube thing isn't as stupid as it sounds, or as 'Y' generation as it sounds.

    Some people can read instructions and instantly know how something should be done, but if you showed them a video, they'd be lost. Other people respond to visual inputs, videos etc, and after seeing it done can do it. While other people learn best by actually 'doing' it. Most people learn through a combination of these.

    That's why on most training courses where a practical task is being taught there are effectively 3 or 4 phases. Theory, Demonstration, Walk through (if it's a complex task) and finally the student does the task and the instructor monitors and corrects as required.

    Of coarse some people are like computers, you have to punch the information in.
  20. Hi FL...yeah I know...I am particularly fiesty at the moment. I am frustrated at the absolute shite I hear coming from some new riders when talking to their fellow new riders....it's like the idiots leading the idiots to become even bigger idiots, sometimes
    The plain truth is put right in front of them, but some are too busy stroking their egos to see or read it...

    If I was a new rider....right now....on net rider, I would be on my knees screaming THANK YOU because someone (and others), who knows what I should be doing is telling me that, and in plain simple terms that are understandable and practical.
    A new rider here, can read in 1-2 pages what I had to learn by crashing and getting back on again as many times as it took till I got it right.
    Things like this forum where a new rider can connect with experience and those ahead of them on the learning curve, just did'nt exist....

    To NOT recognize the value of what they (inexperienced riders) have access to here, reeeeally pisses me off...and just at the mo, I'm reeeally pissed off.

    Sorry mate - you did ask though... :)