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Mesh Jackets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Just got some mesh summer gloves, and the difference is huge. But my jacket options currently are a hugely hot and heavy winter DriRider and a not-really-a-bike-jacket wet weather thingy (actually the outer shell of my snow jacket from Canada) that balloons and offers little protection. I've looked at leather jackets, but with a loong summer of 35 degree, 50% humidity Brisbane days ahead, and a year-round climate that's pretty warm, I think mesh is the ideal for my needs.

    Any tips in terms of what to avoid and what to seek? I was looking at these ones on eBay, but they said 'nylon mesh'... that doesn't sound tough like cordura or whatever, but I guess I could be mistaken. What are the features of a quality mesh summer jacket?

    There are also some decent looking Icon and other ones on eBay, though I'll most likely buy from a shop.[/url]

  2. Here you go...


  3. Oh great, that inspired me to do a 'Burning Down The House' style 'Waaaaa' that everyone in the corridor heard. :p
  4. Dri Rider dri mesh jacket.

    Mesh outer with 2 zip out liners. the pading (what there is) is part of the outer liner.
  5. Joe Rocket do nice mesh stuff, the Phoenix and Alter Ego being the ones that spring to mind.

    Do realise however that a mesh jacket is definately a safety compromise.
  6. Second that option. And not too expensive - about $220-240 depending on where you look.
  7. Cool, thanx all. (But don't necessarily stop!)
  8. Dri-rider Airmesh Jacket $149 - much lighter than the dri-mesh (but not as versatile) I already had plenty of heavier jackets. For $50 you can get a winter liner (wouldn't use it in winter but its great for fresh mornings and summer rain)

    Joe Rocket Mesh Jackets - Not sure of the Model - $150 to $199 (depends on where you spot them) Good mesh and look cool - more heavily armoured than the airmesh. Don't know if you can get a liner for them. If i hadn't already bought the airmensh i probably would have gone for these.

    Motodry Xvent jacket - $150 - similar to other 2 - ok but it just didn't do it for me - i wasn't sure whether there was enough mesh panelling to do the job well. No idea about liner.

    Hope this helps
  9. Excellent, thanx for that, Jim.
  10. Go for Leathers

    I have worn a mesh jacket and cant agree more that on a hot day, they feel a heap better than leathers, but I've also heard that even good mesh jackets do not perform well when you go sliding! They rip, tear and the protection at elbows/sholders tends to "move" away from the areas it is supposed to be protecting.

    I believe the best way to try and keep cooler while still maintaining a good level of protection is to go for a "perforated leather" jacket. I've not seen these in Brisbane, but have seen on eBay from the USA.

    I'm going thru the same decision lately (32 in Brisbane today and rising) and an seriouslyt thinking about getting one of these.

  11. That's probably better, but you have to assume the 'holey leather' is going to tear more easily than solid leather, too... I think mesh will be OK for my purposes, because I'm certainly not pushing it hard through the twisties, doing track days or riding at very high speeds (120ish is as fast as I ever get and that's rare). With the armour in I suspect it'll give me as much as the cordura but unarmoured winter jacket...
  12. The armour in my Joe Rocket Phoenix is excellent - huge shoulder and outside arm protection.

    But yes, it'll be toilet in a slide. I don't take it out on a twisties ride any more. It would ride up exposing the lower back, and the mesh simply wouldn't last in a decent speed slide.

    It's great for around the city though, when things are stop-start all the time and sitting still or moving slowly in the sun has you roasting - in those situations it's more impact than sliding you need to worry about anyway.
  13. Good point about the "holey leather". When I was shopping around for my current jacket, I was told Cow Hide does tends to keep ripping once it starts, but Kangaroo Hide did not. I didn't end up getting the Kangaroo due to availiability, but sounds like a "holey" kangaroo would do the job!

    I think Walden Miller (Aussie Maker) do Roo!

  14. had a joe rocket mesh jacket that I got from action motocycle while I was in sydney for $100
    crash tested it for you.
    It's decent if you come off your bike as the padding absorbs a bit of the impact.
    Didn't slide test it for you though, hit the kerb and stopped. Sorry :grin: don't think it'd do much during a slide.
    It's ripped a bit around the point of impact (shoulder) so I doubt it would be of further use in another spill. So consider it something like rubbers.
    you can use it more than once but you really wouldn't want to. :LOL:
  15. glad someone brought this up... I am after some summer gears..

    Bravus, what sort of gloves you've got?

    I might do a summary of my findings on those meshy jackets later on. :LOL:
  16. They're RJays... hang on, I think I still have the tag... Npe, cleaner musta tossed it. Anyway, they have leather (goat skin, apparently) palms and mesh backs, with carbon fiber knuckles. Lots breeze flows through the back when riding. Not sure what they cost 'cos my beloved bought them for me.
  17. (double)
  18. i can recommend the dri-rider rallycross evo. still has solid textile panels on back, shoulders and elbows, but the rest is mesh. pretty good, although like anything, when you stop at lights you're going to bake.

    only thing i don't like about the rallycross is the zip out sleeves. not something i'm ever going to use, and the zips occasionally start to work themselves undone. adds another weak point too, although i'm not sure how much of an issue this is.

    i wear it to uni most days so if you want to check it out just let me know.

  19. I have a Dri-Rider Dri-Mesh jacket which does me well in Summer and Winter. I also use A* SMX-6 gloves for Summer. The jacket and gloves are black (the jacket has reflective silver in the mesh) and does get a little warm when stopped, but even if there is a slight breeze it passes through and zaps the heat away.
  20. I recently bought a Shift 'airborne' mesh jacket from a US ebay store - cost me about $150AUD delivered (postage was almost the same price as jacket).

    I had looked around some bike shops and wasn't impressed with what was available in that price range, as I did not want to spend over $160. Having bought the Shift M1 jacket from the 'states earlier I knew my correct size for this brand so ordered one in medium.

    It is a short 'sports' style jacket and fits very snugly like a leather jacket so the hard backed CE armour stays in place on my elbows and shoulders. There is no back protection provided (has a pocket). I like that the mesh is of the very fine weave (I think newer?) variety - not that ugly looking thick stuff that looks like it would pill up or fray if it contacted velcro. It feels more like cordura than the stuff my armoured mesh gloves are made of. The shoulder and outer forearms are not mesh but 'ballistic' nylon - like solid cordura.

    It feels fantastic on hot days when you're moving - it can be a little too cool around 20 degrees or at night - as the wind rushes right through it. It has no inner liner, though you could wear something windproof underneath I guess.

    Safety wise, the armour sits spot on and doesn't move around due to the 'sports' type fit, which is great. I wouldn't want to slide far in it, but that is the compromise you are making, and let's be honest you aren't buying a mesh jacket to go out scratching with your mates in no matter how hot it is.

    I already have a 3/4 cordura winter jacket and a leather jacket - I needed an inexpensive option to wear on hot days to commute to work in throughout summer and for that it has suited my needs perfectly.

    I have not seen them in shops here though, so try on other Shift jackets for size. They won't suit everyone though as their jackets don't allow for too much good livin' as they are quite tight around the waist. I would say if you can fit in an M1 jacket, you will fit one of these.

    Hope this has been helpful to you or any other riders thinking about getting a summer jacket :)

    Cheers .. Jules