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Mesh jacket in winter?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by RedWings01, May 11, 2016.

  1. Soo... I got my licence back in Jan when it was nice and hot. Didn't think much of the future and decided to pick up a mesh jacket for riding. Little did I know that I would be freezing to death in the cold.... only that it isnt even that cold yet...

    Is there any way I can buy some sort of layer over my mesh jacket to stop wind going through? Or should I just give in and buy myself a nice jacket for the winter? I don't plan on getting hypothermia every time I go out to ride lol... Oh and to make it better, I also bought myself some nice summer mesh gloves back when it was hot :)
  2. I too would like to know this. My jacket has a removeable water proof layer in it and I am on my Ls. My dririder pants are warm and so are my gloves and boots.
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    Go to Macpac or Kathmandu or something and get a windproof to put over the top of your mesh jacket. Just wear your jacket to the shop and try them on til one fits over your jacket. I've got a really thin goretex raincoat (I think the brand is Patagonia) that I've had for years, and on cold mornings I throw it over my jacket and it keeps the wind out... Won't win any fashion shows with it but it's better than hypothermia ;-)

    You can get winter gloves for less than $100, please just buy a pair. if you can't feel your hands get yourself in a bit of trouble.
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  4. Don't stuff around trying to get around the fact you're cold and trying to get out of it cheaply, just buy a winter jacket and be done with it ;)
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  5. Haha fair. There's nothing better than the right gear. But if times are tough and a new textile winter jacket is off the cards you can stay warm with a neck warmer (don't wear a scarf), a good pair of thermals (I got some icebreaker merino thermals on sale for around half price and they're great) and a windproof raincoat over your other gear. Also I've been stuck before and used a pair of disposable rubber gloves under summer riding gloves to stop the wind chill a little bit, but you definitely wouldn't want to make a habit of this...
  6. I personally would get a winter jacket. Also, get some thermals as well. I've got Icebreaker ones and they're really warm.

    As above, apart from thermal leggings and top, get a neck warmer, balaclava, socks and even inner gloves.

    Riding in winter is awesome if you're dressed warmly. ;)
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  7. What's your budget? A good one piece rain suit will cut out the wind chill & keep you dry, plus some layered thermals to keep you warm eg an Icebreaker t shirt and a top layer.

    It works for me.
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  8. Trying to spend the minimal ammount. Probably will just end up buying a nice winter jacket.

    Thanks for your responses.
  9. Wrap yourself in glad wrap. Problem solved.

    Seriously though, look at the 'wind-stopper' range of clothing. Wind-stopper is a patented material made by Goretex which apparently really does work. Though, my experience is.....who cares if you stop the wind if the wind is making the piece of clothing next to your skin freezing cold.

    Wind breaking layers need to be on the outside not underneath.
  10. Also, Aldi will no doubt have their motorcycle gear sale on this year again soon. Though it may be a little late for you as I think it's in August.

    Good stuff in there. Highly recommend their leather jacket for Winter.
  11. Either go to a bike shop and buy a winter jacket or go to Aussie Disposals or even a second hand store and buy a ski jacket to wear over the top.
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  12. Even with a winter jacket, you'll still need thermals. A half sleeved cotton tee will not keep you warm. ;)
  13. No reason at all not to throw something water and wind proof over the top of the mesh jacket IMO. Unless it's a fashion thing.
    You'd pick up something for next to nothing at an op shop.
  14. I just brought a Dririder Rain suit....fits over the top of my mesh jacket quite easily, cuts windflow down to ZERO, cost $100.00 brand new. I was all set to buy a winter jacket as well, but think I will just stick with this, the mesh jacket I have and the Dririder pants.

    May buy a new set of warmer gloves though
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  15. On a student budget you probably want bang for your buck. Wind is the big issue for riding in the cold. The windchill factor makes life unpleasant and is potentially dangerous. If you add wet gear to the mix you can get really dangerously cold very quickly.

    The summer mesh jacket does the job for armour and abrasion protection, but you need some thermals under it and a windproof layer over it. A thin balaclava or neck tube make a big difference too. I wouldn't spend big on Goretex bushwalking gear, if you have an off then that top layer is trashed. You can get perfectly serviceable stuff from work wear shops or disposals stores for a fraction of the price or a bike specific rain suit is another option that is cheaper than a new armoured winter jacket. That's where I would spend my cash if money is tight. Wind proof/water proof layer over the top, thermals underneath and some winter gloves. As mentioned above a neck tube or thin balaclava works wonder too to cover the gap between jacket and helmet as the major blood vessels to your brain, carotid arteries and jugular veins run fairly close to the surface and have a large flow so your neck is a pretty major heat exchanger. Cover it in winter and cover it in very hot weather in summer.

    The VTR250 has very little weather protection. Even fitting a small screen and some hand guards will make a big difference to how much wind actually hits you, add some heated grips and you can probably get by with solid leather summer gloves all year round but be prepared to add a waterproof layer over the top.
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  16. Buy a rain suit or jacket to go over the top. As they are waterproof, they are also wind proof and keep you substantially warmer. As a bonus, they keep you dry too!
  17. I think it depends on your riding and where you live. I'm commuting in Melbourne, so four seasons in one day really is the case. I have a waterproof and windproof over Jacket that scrunched up is small enough for me to carry all the time. I might need it in the morning or if it rains, but in the afternoon or can be hot so the mesh alone is ideal. It dries quickly too since it can't actually adsorb the water
  18. Why not? I like the Biggles look during winter