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Merry Xmass All

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by geeth, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. Maybe a little early but somethings can't wait, time to get in to the spirit of xmass.


  2. I'd tap them :D
  3. Xmass sucks. Is that the message you are trying to impart?
  4. No that's very grinchy. The message I am trying to impart is that the people that don't enjoy xmass are the ones that sit around and watch it and that it's always more fun when you get into it.
  5. If that is santa and santa sucks, that would be lots more fun though.
  6. We all know Santa has a little "trouble" in certain departments, as it's common knowledge that he has a large sack, only comes once a year and even then it's down the chimney.
  7. i really really hate xmas, means working harder and being fake happy
  8. If these fine exhibits are an example of Santas helpers, I wish to be a Bunnings door and have my knob polished !!!
  9. Suddenly, the idea if Christmas is beginning to grow on me...at least a part of me has;)
  10. Hahaha, nice !
  11. why be fake happy? i just be honest - "i don't celebrate christmas. i just enjoy my time off, and avoid major shopping centres for a month or two"

    i dislike shopping anyways, so avoiding major shopping centres is easily done.
  12. fanks

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  13. You know, i was looking at those very same Mrs Claus pictures the other day, with a view to doing my chrissy avatar with one on the back of the bike... but none had the correct angle and leg spread going :(.
  14. I once saw a card with Santa hovering up a line of the ol Charlie, with the caption under saying,
    'one of Santa's little helpers'

    Instant classic
  15. Hey, Christmas time should be fun !!!
    This, just one example, Xmas 2008 :

  16. If thats hair on your knuckles can I please wax it?

    PS Santa: I want Ben Spies for christmas and a zx10 (black)
  17. What?
    You want ZX_10 for Christmas?

    Oh, sorry. My bad. I should put my glasses on. 8-[
  18. Ahaa ! Well spotted Holster ;) Baby smooth all over is not the case with this man but this job does indeed involve getting one's hands dirty, even just a tad. I believe missed tyre/oil deposit from an earlier walkaround (external inspection prior to 'pushback') may account for the darker complexion, from memory. Hey, they don't pay us the big bucks to only read newspapers, p0rn/motorcycle mags, ya know !

    In terms of the Christmas wishes, it is indeed a tall order but your taste of a Black ZX10 seems somewhat reasonable. Gimme 5 min to take a walk in the back and see what we have within the cargo pallets onboard... oops... Nope, could only find an R1 Is this ok ? (y)
  19. I have been informed by reliable sources that the first shipment will arrive in Melbourne in late December / early January. Just in time for a birthday / Christmas present for me :D

    If you get me one I will love you long time and I won't even ask if I can wax your back for some yet to be determined amount of time.
  20. Hahahaha ! Wax my back ? LOL Not necessary :)
    Love me long time ??? Now- where have I heard that expression before... lol