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Merry Christmas

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Loomy, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Hi , I'm Jon - a 22 year old bloke from Sydney.
    I guess I have a fairly common story, always liked bikes, mom wouldn't let me even try them, "you can have one when I'm dead' being the normal reply.

    For my 21st she relented and met me halfway with a couple vouchers for a 1 hour private lesson at h.a.r.t , unfortunately I moved out of the country and couldn't use them; when i came back, a mixture of procrastination, work and other duties came up.

    last week I finally managed to get around to doing it (props to h.a.r.t for letting my use my credit even after it'd been expired for so long.) , and I knew as soon as I went into second gear, that no one could take this away from me.

    When I got home I tried to book my per-learner course, but there were none available before I go overseas again.
    If you've made it this far, thanks for reading.
    it'd be great to meet up with some of you guys, do the homebush ride, and generally learn as much as I can.
    as far as bikes go, I was thinking the new ktm rc390 looks pretty learner friendly..or maybe its better to go used to start off with -thoughts?

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  2. Merry Christmas Jon and welcome to the forum. You are preaching to the converted here. :) Even if you don't have a bike you can go to the Homebush sessions and have a yack with other riders. Check out what they are riding and why, what they think of their bikes, (Warning most love their bike even if it has a few foibles)
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  3. Welcome to riding (when you finally get to do it) and to Netrider. And season's greetings to you too!
  4. Welcome to NetRider, a wealth of information awaits. It's never too late to start!
    But remember your pre-learner certificate will expire in 3 months so you need to get your L's asap as that will give you a year to practice and move onto your P's.
  5. Howdy!

    Welcome to the forum. I might be biased - but you can't go wrong with any of the new KTM's if you can afford it. Very learner friendly bike with more than enough performance to keep you occupied as your skill level and confidence improves.