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Merry Christmas to me...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by FirstOnTheWall, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Last day of work...riding to the final task for the day...lined up at the roundabout and hello! A nice young lady decides to ruin my pride of joy by not noticing the bike stopped in front of her and instead throwing the rider off his pride and joy...now I sit here, with a sore leg, a sore head and a bike that's a no go just in time for the glorious summer rides I was looking forward to. So Merry f*#k'n' Christmas to me! The comfort is that if that's the worst accident on the bike I have then I am a lucky son of a biatch and fingers crossed the insurance gets me a new bike...C50T here I come...


  2. And another positive is... she didn't drive away and gave you her details so you're not up for paying anything?

    Glad to hear you're ok!
  3. i feel your pain dude
    i smashed my bike last new years eve 2km from home after spending the day riding the day riding with some guys from another forum
  4. Bad luck dude... we're entering the "silly season" and need to be more vigilant of other road users who don't have their mind-on-the-ball. Last minute rush to get presents, leaving the Christmas party after one-too-many sherbets or a myriad of other stupid reasons is cause to be on a higher alert than normal in the silly season.

    Hope you get the outcome you want from insurance and have a safe & merry Christmas.
  5. Hopefully the impact will cause her anus to seal over and leave her unable to toilet until she learns to give a crap about other people on the road.............. unless she was hot???????
  6. someone was going to ask..... :LOL:

    There are few things worse than sitting there at peace with the world and then being pole-axed from behind......
  7. sorry to hear about your accident, your safety is more important then being out on the bike, main thing is youre ok, bikes will be replaced/fixed, just sit back and take in the christmas spirit, whether it's johnny black, chivas blue, black jack, in all seriousness, you'll be right...
  8. She might'a been just tryin' to attract your attention mate.........

    ........so......... was she a hottie?? :p
  9. Insurance claim in, beers are flowing and although I have to await the new year for the insurance et al to finalise and who knows how long till I get riding again - I'm fine and she stopped to pass on her details so it shouldn't cost me too much. My frustration is that i am normally vigilant in the rearviews expecting exactly this but this time wasn't on the ball...not too mention the leg hurts like a son of a biatch at the moment from where the bike fell on it! Nothing another ale won't fix...thanks for the messages guys, merry christmas and I hope y'all at least enjoy some fine summer rides!
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  10. And for all those asking...she was cute in a shaky about to vomit kind of way...coincidentally just the way I like them;)
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  11. Seriously, have you had a medical check, and if not, go and do it immediately?

  12. :rofl:
  13. And the latest development: received a phone call form my insurance informing me that my insurance has in fact been cancelled...something someone could have informed me at some point before cancelling it! Now am awaiting the driver to get back to me with her insurance details so i can hassle them but there's a niggling fear that she won't be insured either...anyone had any experience with that kind of claim?
  14. Am guessing you have not been paying your premiums for a policy that is not active. Assuming it would not be cancelled if it was not renewed. I would definitely be looking into that.
    If she is not insured then u would be looking at a civil action through a solicitor if they did not come to the party. Definitely get a incident number from the po leece...:)
  15. Your insurance is cancelled??? How so?
  16. +1 on this.
  17. So my direct debit for my insurance didn't go through last month - received a letter about it today! (Gotta love the timing!) My fault for not keeping an eye on it but the good news: the young lass' insurance is happy to cover the damages so a happy ending in sight! Gotta wait for new year for a quote et al and then will hopefull be back on the road ASAP!
    Now to sit through Christmas day where i am supposedly getting a bunch of new gear and unable to go try it out :(
  18. Grace period?
  19. Yeah, what is the grace period per your product disclosure document?

    They didn't give you any other form of notice? When was the direct debit scheduled to occur relevant to the date of your accident?
  20. I believe the consumer law is a 14 day grace period if your insurance lapses.
    I reckon you may have a leg to stand on concerning dates on the letter of when it was printed, posted and received versus your accident date...If need be, but sounds like you have it under control.