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Merry Christmas from a newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Larabee, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone :grin: ,

    I am very proud to join the 2-wheel community.

    Picking up my first bike, a 2002 Honda CBR 954 tomorrow. I've had my license for ages but never get a chance to own a bike. I am excited but yet scared, don't know if i'll be able to tame the beast! I know its pretty crazy to jump stright on to a fireblade haha. I was going to get a busa but give up due to budget. (owning a sportsbike is a childhood dream of mine)

    I hope to make friends with other riders and going on a group ride soon (doesn't mind a rookie to tag along). Anybody who do group rides for less experience riders? I live in Melb metro.

    Do you guys think Yarra Blvd in Kew is a good place to practice?
  2. hi, welcome and merry xmas to you too!

    take it easy with the bike and keep it shiney side up!
  3. Welcome... nice Christmas present you've gotten yourself there... watch the blvd theres a few areas the surface is a bit rough... wouldnt really call it a practice area.