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Merrimbula ride 15th Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Foxy, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. Merrimbula ride as above, 8 o'clock Sat morning. Further details to be given by Mitch when he can get to a computer.

  2. Morning all,

    OK, the ride is nice and simple.... Weekend in Marrinbula... Leave 8:00am Saturday morning. Will arrive in Merrimbula around 4 to 5ish. That way it gives us enough time to enjoy the sun and the sand.

    Return Sunday morning..

    So, who is interested?
  3. HEY ALL

    The route will be via Lakes Entrance and then through the twisty mountain roads to via the Pacafic Hwy... it is alot of fun..... Both high speed and low speed runs.
  4. high speed on the pacific hmmm yeah ok i'll bite what you call high speed?
    I'm interested but not for highway cruising, not spending 14 hours over 2 days singing puff the magic dragon to myself again :(
  5. Hi Shabby,

    Do I know you???? Well, when I say high speed I dont necessarily mean speeding.. I mean there are some nice sections along this run that go through tight twisties and flowing sections. I am certainly not interested in a speeding ticket and not interested in going tight and twisties all day long... Although, they are my favorite.

    In any case, if you are not interested in going, then dont come along. Negativity does not open doors. But, if you are interested, excellent.

    Just remember, rides to bright are pretty boring except for one run from Mansfield through to Whitfield...... It is also a 6 hour ride....
  6. Where is this Pacific Highway that you're refering to?
  7. Melb - Lakes Entrance - Cann River - Eden - Merrimbula

    The plan is to also enjoy the weather, the beach and the company... Have a few ales and just have a relaxing weekend
  8. Hey Mitch,

    Why don't you just do it in your 4WD, you seem to throw it into the twisties just as quickly as a bike :LOL: :p :LOL:

  9. Hey Orlando, why dont you come along... We would have an absolute blast on this trip.... Playing on the roads, then the beaches and then drinking all night.....

    Yeah, the 4x4 does handle pretty well. You have to drive it like you ride a bike, agressively and predict the corners.... :LOL:
  10. I'm with Shabby. Thats gotta be the most boring way to wear out tyres & burn petrol ive seen for a while. 6 hours to get to Bright :shock: :shock:
  11. AHHHH stuff it... Could not be bothered

    Going on my own
  12. Black Beauty....

    Yes, 6 hours when you consider fuel stops, lunch and going through Whitfield... A tank slapper run from Geelong, probably 4 hours going through Whitfield... Takes 4 hours from geelong via the Hume by car..... That must be the way you were thinking.
  13. There are some great roads going up to Bright.. especially if the Toowonga Gap is anywhere near that direction :)

    But then I am directionally challeged.... this is why I dont lead rides :roll:
  14. Yeah, that is the way I went about 3 months ago... not a bad run.... But, BlackBeauty may think it will only take 4 hours.... He must be an absolute legend.... :p :p
  15. So Marty, old buddy.... How long would you estimate it would take to get to bright, from geelong, going the way you suggested? Just curious as I must be pretty shite rider and slow as a fart in summer time.
  16. Ok then Tuesdays gonna be 37c lets go for an evening ride up Reefton, and we can see if you actually do have a bike or not!

    Sir Skuffy nothing personal in my last post just that some people reckon the coast road is soooooo much fun.