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Mergers of Melbourne, get your bloody act together!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by LineNoise, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. I've spent the last two days running around Melbourne setting up network gear at various offices for work.

    God damn it people can't merge! :censored:

    You get people trundling down freeway on ramps at 50-60km/h and then trying to slot into traffic or you get people diving across 3 lanes to get to the offramp that was sign posted 2 bloody kms back.

    And to top if all off I just about got flattened by my choice of two semi's when some stupid bint in a Camry decided to STOP AT THE $@%$# END OF AN ONRAMP TO CITYLINK!

    So, if you see a guy on a bike holding his horn and hurling expletives down the entire length of an onramp because the oblivious twat in front doesn't understand the concept of speed differential, it's probably me.

    /me goes for a beer.

  2. Totally understand your frustration. I'm currently reading a (German) book titled "Land of the idiots" ... might translate it and change all references to Germany into Australia ... same difference otherwise :)
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  4. That was one of the first things I noticed when moving from NSW (Though I'm a proud Victorian now I still have to say they're much worse drivers).

    But after a while... is it my imagination or are the run ons from feeder roads shorter? It looks like they don't give you as much room to merge in as the ones in NSW?
  5. I think they are a bit. There's a couple of ridiculously short ones onto the Monash outbound, particularly when the bloody stupid traffic lights are turned on.

    I actually half wonder whether the lights are the cause of the problem. You'd always get the odd idiot that couldn't merge in the past but since the signals have gone in it seems to have become endemic. I wonder if too many are expecting to be stopped.
  6. I think it's not just victoria, it seems a national pastime now
  7. what is the german title? I'm keen to look into that one.
  8. Oh yes... a favourite pet hate, people who try to merge while doing half the speed of the traffic around them. And while i appreciate the racing lights a the start of the ramps, i don't think they help particularly. People who STOP on ramps should have their licence's revoked on the spot. There was the stupid woman who died a few years back after she stopped on the on ramp to the Western Ring Road in front of a semi.
  9. I grew up in Perth and Perth are no better, although Melbourne seems to be getting worse recently.

    Its pretty rare that you see people coming down an onramp doing more than 80kph and trying to merge - bloody frustrating - and dangerous.
  10. Merging in NSW and Brissie was fine for me. Down here in Melbourne though it's shocking.
    What's worse is when I decide to get in front of them when they're merging onto the road fearing they naturally drive 30kph under the limit and they slam their horn at me because they want to enter my lane (providing that im actually doing this safely and legally).. I can admit to tailgating in heavy traffic so the next 3 cars cant get in ideally because they take the back streets to avoid traffic which the police now smack them with 3 demerits for hehe
  11. People can't merge any better in Brisbane.

    I'm really glad i ride a motorbike.
  12. Why do they doc points? Is it one of those ridiculous "entry only for shop owners" rules?
  13. The book is "Eine Reise durch das Land der Bekloppten und Bescheuerten" by Dietmar Wischmeyer. You speak German?

    As for Idiocracy (Data Queue) ... I agree ... been watching the movie for years ... as a life broadcast every time I leave the house or turn on the TV :)
  14. Nein, ich nein spreche Deutsch.

    But I could not find anything in amazon under the english title and thought I'd check the german one in case there was an english translation under the same title.
  15. Why did you let camry driver's lack of ability to merge correctly affect your own merge? Surely you didn't tailgate her at Xkm/h under the limit all the way down the onramp until she (and you!) reached a standstill? If so, that doesn't speak well for the driving/riding skills of either of you.