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merge left you d#@ks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pragnasty, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. is it just me, that i attract people that like to sit in the very right hand lane, at any speed under the posted?

    we need a new edumacational campaign for the cagers out there again.
    nothing annoys me more than undertaking, than being undertaken myself.
    its both dangerous, for both parties, and plays havoc for the surrounding traffic, who are driving correctly.

    do people just not realise? i normally give them a n accusing stare through my tinted visor when i have to undertake as if to say look what you made me do!

    :evil: :evil: :x
  2. This is a real issue. Although there are 'keep left unless overtaking' laws, they only apply where signed as far as i know.

    I think that the current regime's approach to enforcing speed limits lead people to think that you can do 100 in the far right lane, and if people behind you want to go faster, then you can just sit there and annoy everyone just because your doing the posted speedlimit...

    Let's just say that we need to look to the German Autobahn model, where this behaviour would see you rear ended by a bloked doing 100kph more than you. Left Lane = Slow Lane, Right Lane = Fast/Overtaking Lane. Or is that too complicated?
  3. Totally agree. I think it is about time that perhaps it is policed. That may have some impact!!! The law is there, most people know it is there, it is well sign posted, yet people still do it!!!!
  4. I think this rule applies on any road where the speed limit is 80km/h or faster.

    i reckon more motorists break this rule than any other, and still the fcuking cops do nothing about it. It drives me nuts
  5. Yep keep left unless overtaking should definitely be enforced. However, couple of problems with that in Melbourne:
    i) The roads, especially the freeways, cannot handle the quantity of traffic and virtually impossible to keep left, although definitely stay out of the right lane myself and stick to the middle and left lanes to avoid upsetting those that are going faster than I am.
    ii) Most Melburnian cage drivers have no idea how to merge on the freeway, in that you should match the speed of the traffic, spot a gap and merge rather than brake in the on ramp and attempt to merge from a standing start with traffic travelling at 100kmph, therefore if everyone was keeping left, nobody would get on the freeway.
    iii) Most Melburnian cage drivers have no idea of how to be courteous and while on the freeway do not speed up or slow down to allow on ramp traffic to merge more efficiently and therefore if everyone was keeping left, again no-one would get on the freeway.
  6. Trust me, nodz, the failure to observe courtesy and safety whilst merging is not solely restricted to Melburn (sic)
    Having moved to Wollongong at the start of last year, the thing that I noticed most (apart from the fact that "P" plate cage drivers seem immune from prosecution regardless of how stupidly they drive) is that NOBODY understands how to merge.
    I guess I was just spoilt in Canberra where it seems to be done very well, but you take your life in your hands doing it here, brother.
  7. yeah nodz the eastern is useless at peak hour, all other hours are sort of ok.

    The eastern is a testament to the fine traffic design put in place by governments of the past - build a really fast four lane road so we can dump everyone straight into a traffic light at the other end...

    most folks just want to park in the cbd, but we'll make them screw around in abbotsford and fitzroy first.
  8. It applies on any road with 2 or more lanes where the speed limit is 80km/h or above! Sign posted or not!
  9. What annoys me more than people that sit in the right lane and the people that refuse to move into an empty lane to allow you to merge safely are the utter dumb bastards and bastardesses that change lanes into a merging lane.

    WTF is that shit?!?!?!?!??! They can move over whenever they want to safely, but no, they chose to move over across the broken white lines.

    Now you should be allowed to execute drivers such as these.
  10. Oh that's going to work, a law and no big red flashing fat sign to tell them what to do! Joe Public is going to struggle with that one! :LOL:
  11. Except when intending to turn right or when the traffic is congested.

    What exactly defines 'congested' noone knows. It's fair to say on the eastern though, if you want to continue up Alexandra Pde the the left lane at peak hour is a stupid choice. The right of course is a transit lane so bikes are fine.

    Common sense should prevail though. If they don't get out of your way, change lanes and go past. It's not worth throwing a tanti over, that'll only leave you with broken concentration and hostility.
  12. From memory you both nearly correct - it applies when signposted, and when the speed limit is greater than 80km/h. Doesn't include 80km/h, I think you'll find.

    Odd quirk there, but be nice if someone dug out the actual rule just the make sure.
  13. From Australian road rules on NSW RTA site


    130 Keeping to the left on a multi-lane road
    (1) This rule applies to a driver driving on a multi-lane road if:
    (a) the speed-limit applying to the driver for the length of road
    where the driver is driving is over 80 kilometres per hour;
    (b) a keep left unless overtaking sign applies to the length of
    road where the driver is driving.
    Note 1 Length of road and multi-lane road are defined in the dictionary.
    Note 2 Part 3 deals with speed-limits.
    (2) The driver must not drive in the right lane unless:
    (a) the driver is turning right, or making a U­turn from the
    centre of the road, and is giving a right change of direction
    signal; or
    (b) the driver is overtaking; or
    (c) a left lane must turn left sign or left traffic lane arrows
    apply to any other lane and the driver is not turning left;
    (d) the driver is required to drive in the
    rule 159; or
    (e) the driver is avoiding an obstruction; or
    (f) the traffic in each other lane is congested;
    (g) the traffic in every lane is congested.
  14. fair dinkum drives me up the wall. I fair dinkum am one day gonna get out of my car or of my bike and shake the shit out of someone. The law states keep left unless overtaking. too many dick heads on our rds just dont understand. So if you know anyone that fits into this category, tell them beware, i could be having a really bad day!!
  15. just one other thing, its actually law and there is a fine and demerit point for failing to keep left.
  16. i had a mate done for this during their last 'crackdown' - in 1999.
  17. Yes you're right. I knew that, it's a nation wide rule specifically made for the olympics. I just don't read things carefully enough. I don't even proof read my own pists!! Thanks for the wake up. :)
  18. Only annoys me when im in the car . I see this often "right lane in a 100 zone doing 90 while trying to text on their mobile " . Sitting higher on the bike than the car this is quite visiable , even if they do think that doing it near the bottom of the steering wheel we wont notice .
  19. Don't even start me on =$^$*^% ****s who use their $#^%&#$%%^^*%$%^% mobiles in the car! :evil: :evil: It's worth a new thread but vic will only point us to the numerous other theads. :shock: Let us all just nod in acknoledgement of what fcuk heads they are. 8)
  20. 1999 hey.. what a joke. bloody hammer them all the time..