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Mere woman at the Motorbike Show

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Panthus, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Well I do shave my arm pits, wear high heels, don a dress now & then and LOVE to ride my motorbike. Can I not do all the above and still be taken seriously when I am around motorcycle enthusiasts?

    I went to the motorbike show yesterday with my boyfriend. Got to tell you, I was excited. Walked in the door and there was shiny things as far as the eye could see.

    So we start the prowl through thick crowds and the sales assistants ask my boyfriend how he's going. Would he like this, would he like to look at that etc etc. Okay, now I'm used to the big ignore in that respect. Annoying yes, but every single motorbike store in Sydney does it. Why start getting my back up now.

    What DID give me the poosies was I had some cold hard cash to buy some woman's decent leather pants and do you think any of the store's I found had woman's gear? Sure i could have bought a little t-shirt, a matching sloppy joe and even some cute little g-strings. If i came off what would save my little toosh if this was all us woman have on offer? But hey, damn i'd look cute!

    I guess it just means we have to send our dollar out of the country and purchase online through the copious amounts of US suppliers who do give woman clothing options. Oh how patriotic.

    With the latest gear/bikes on display and record numbers of woman entering this terrific sport, it is disappointing that Australian suppliers of today still have the ape man approach.

    Yours truly,
    a feminine, safety conscious darl, luv, sweetheart, 'does your husband ride?' woman

    Rant over :)
  2. Yep, that would piss you off Panthus, The sydney show must have being different to the melbourne show then, as I went to the melbourne show with a friend and his girlfriend and most of the people there thought my mate's GF was the one who rode bikes and I got totaly ignored. Which I found bloody funny, but I've got a weird sense of humor.

    Sorry they made you feel that way, but if you look around I'm sure you'll find some local suppliers that do leathers and the like for women in Oz.
  3. Re: Meer woman at the Motorbike Show

    You'd think that in this day and age that you and other women would get a fair run of things. I don't know what it is. Maybe there are still a lot of rockapes out there. Dunno.

    My wife has given up on talking to tradesmen. We are renovating an older house and whenever she talks to a tradey to get a quote or whatever, she gets the "can I speak to your husband about this" treatment.

    God only knows how single women cope, who may be owner builders, for example, or even someone simply trying to get a repair job, installation job or whatever done.
  4. Re: Meer woman at the Motorbike Show

    Aussie men like to ride - their bikes AND their women - so what did you expect?

    Don't worry too much about it. The US dollar is like a third world currency nowadays. You can import a full set of leathers for about the price of a cup of coffee in Australia. If if makes you feel bad - just walk down to your local coffee shop, order a cappuccino and rest easy knowing that you've restored the balance of trade.
  5. Re: Meer woman at the Motorbike Show

    Just as well the Netrider stand was on-hand to give you a great laugh and a full appreciation of women :LOL:
  6. Re: Meer woman at the Motorbike Show

    HAHA! :grin:
  7. As a motor mech, my G/F is always hassling me to show how to repair components etc. The great thing is she retains just about everything i show her :) (She'd be a great apprentice :grin: ). So anyways we went to the bike show a few weeks ago and it was great, the salesmen all wanted to chat with me, i pointed to the lovely lady under my arm :grin: and let her loose with questions that left the salesman dumb founded! "Are bigger jets available for this carbi?" "how much torque would this engine give over this engine?", enquiring about servicing prices if she were to do it her self.
    It was bloody fantastic, I just stood there and watched this guys attitude change instantly, as a matter of fact after my missus had chewed him up a bit he wondered off to help another poor lady who had been wondering around behind us listening to my G/F and was obviously in need of some assistance.
    Just dont take anyones crap when it comes to things like this, just be a little edumacated on the subject and dont be shy to stand up and say "OI Im here to ya know!"
  8. Its nothing personal to a large degree.
    Lets face it 90%+ of motorbike riders would be male. So when men and women walk into a bike store, its usually a no brainer. But does not excuse the behaviour.

    I went to a cosmetics counter to buy a gift and was totally ignored by the staff as they thought I was waiting for a female partner! :roll: (Exactly how it was put to me).
  9. If you'd only visited Walden Miller's booth... they had leather jackets and pants for both sexes.

    I remember one stand had womens Joe Rocket jackets at very nice discount (I remember because I spotted the price first, then was disappointed to see it wasn't for me)

    There was another stand (I can't remember the name, I wasn't paying that much attention) that had exclusively gear for women - I remember jackets, but maybe they had pants as well?

    But mostly, there just wasn't a lot of gear available at the expo, men or women alike. Sure, there was some, but I'd like a lot more!
  10. Went into a bike shop yesterday (wearing casual clothing) looking for some armour. I got totally ignored by the sales guys, but my OH was asked if he needed help because there were "very complicated and detailed specifics with selecting apparel"....

    I walked out again with the same amount of $$ that I went in with. Sad.
  11. It's indicative of the 25 years in the past mentailty of bike retailers. Same with their peices and showrooms.
    Only a fool would ignore the ever growing female bike riding population, and sadly, there are many fools in the motorcycle industry, which is why sales go overseas.
    I've dealt with many female customers in my trade background, lots of them have money and want services. Treat them like imbeciles and they go elsewhere.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Unfortunately, when a woman is trying to secure a tradey, for example, to say, fit a new stove, repair a hot water service, or upgrade electrical wiring, she will face these same mindless prejudices, knowing that the guy can pick and choose what work he wants to do, due to the lack of tradies around the place.

    As for Pro-Pilot saying that it ain't "personal", try telling that to a woman who routinely is ignored. He makes a once-off trip into a cosmetics store and is ignored. So what? The explanation given was reasonable, and understandable. But for women who are treated like second rate citizens it IS personal and it's offensive as well as being unfair, particularly if she's with a fellow who is treated by the sales droid as an equal while pointedly ignoring the woman.

    But, when you've got rockapes out there providing these "services" who should really be out hunting wild boar or something, then it ain't gonna change soon.
  13. who let you out of the kitchen anyway??

    :p :bolt:
  14. Meh, the explanation given to a chick hanging off a blokes arm is reasonable too. Shit, the same can be said for looking like you have no money. All sorts of people get a bum deal in certain areas. You've just gotta make a bit of noise, demonstrate some value to the sales staff (they are there to make money, not be politically correct), and get over it. Hardly the end of the world.

    No products available on the other hand, is a problem, one that is fixed by going overseas. Our market is often too small even for blokes stuff, so we're all a bit out of luck in Aus. :cry:
  15. Yes, being a woman trying to buy stuff in a male dominated market is likely to be harder than it should, but some people are just pricks regardless of what gender you are....

    Why not just get your boyfriend to be a translator to these 'apes' you describe. This way you get what you want an get to keep your hands clean. Its what I would be doing.
  16. Chopper says harden the fcuk up.
  17. mere woman or more woman?
  18. If i harden the f@*% up, does that mean more woman's leathers would have magically appeared at the bike show?

    I guess the point being, and perhaps missed a little in this thread, I would have settled for a cranky elephant in a totoo to serve me yesterday it's just there was no quality female gear out there equivalent to that of men's gear to try on.

    I'll go back to the kitchen now... :wink:
  19. :rofl:
    good idea!
  20. +1