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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Flipper, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Tomorrow morning I am heading over to have a look at the new netrider logo (as in the one you see on the website) and if all looks good, I will be putting the latest order in tomorrow morning which means I should have the order back by next Friday (26th). So for all you people that have been extremely patient, I thank you :) I know it can get frustrating for those who have paid and are sitting back waiting for their merchandise.
    From now on, orders will go in as soon as there are the minimum quantity of 20 items on the order sheet. The reason for this particular order taking so long was that we needed to get the new logo set up with the merchandise company which took longer than we thought.

    Thanx again guys (and gals)


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  3. During the week i will be trying to match Real names with Forum names so that i can let people know when their order is ready.
    Thanx Graeme, I know who you are now ;)
  4. Where has the logo changed flip? Im looking at it now and it still looks the same as whats already on my shirts.U r talking about the 1 in the top left hand corner?
  5. The original logo had the .org.au on it and the second logo was white (or black) and just said netrider. The new logo has the red/black combo netrider with connectin riders underneath :)
  6. There has also been movement to the postioning of the bike and rider, as well as some changes to the style and 'flow' used.