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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. The new merchandise page is now live, with all your favourite goodies - polo's, t-shirts, beanies, bucket hats, caps, womans rib tee's, and visor cleaner, etc.

    Get your orders in :D

    Coming soon will be stickers and number plate surrounds.
  2. You are a legend Jason!!! The page looks fantastic. :D

  3. Geez that does look excellent. Should inspire more people to grab some gear. I tell ya what Flip those beanies and T's look SOO good I may even...............oh hang on I think I already have. :LOL: :p :shock: :LOL:

  4. Thanks. A complete recode from the ground up that whole mechandise page is. Quite happy with :)
  5. Yes, you already have :p
    I have orders here for sluglie, Mizz zzr, Source, FalomVTR, VTRBob, Fixed, Lids, Vic, and Bladewar. So you guys don't need to resubmit any orders. :)
    I would like to put that order thru by this Friday....if we get more orders in by then :)