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Discussion in 'Archived' started by Flipper, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. Ladies 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt

  2. Ladies Rib T-Shirt

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  3. Men's Polo (Short sleeve)

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  4. Men's T-Shirt

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  5. Ladies Polo (Short Sleeve)

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  6. Beanie (Black)

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  7. Neck warmer (Black)

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  1. We are trying to get an idea of what people want in the way of netrider gear. We have a few options but would need 50 items for the initial order. Please state what items you would purchase. Money needs to be upfront front to cover costs.
    All items would have the netrider logo embroidered on.

  2. I clicked on mens polo deb , assuming thats its long sleeved?and it would be for 4 of them to.
  3. long sleeved? you can remove my vote then, haha.
  4. Bugger that you can't vote more than once. My 3/4 ladies T is an order for 2.
  5. Neck warmer for sure.

    Would also consider beanie, mens polo and T - any chance of seeing a design?
  6. i would take a neck and a polo shirt
  7. Polos and t-shirts are short sleeve
  8. Bugger , can i change my pick to t-shirts then.
  9. Can we include a netrider jock strap in the poll?

    Put me down for a neck warmer and a polo.
  10. Don't we already have enough of them? :roll: :wink:
  11. A g-string with the words "crackrider" on the label.

    Who is up for them?????
  12. hmmm :idea:
    I'll check it out :wink:
  13. Polo & beanie for me Flipper.

    What the hell-I'll probably take a t-shirt as well....

    While I think about it-any plans on making t-shirts in a smaller sizes? my little bloke would love a t-shirt. :)
  14. I don't see why not Steve, i will get some prices. We are about half way there with the orders so we still need some more to put the initial order in.
  15. Hey Deb ,
    You can put me down for
    1x neckwarmer
    1xmens T
    1xladies 3/4 T

    Thanks babe :)
  16. No worries Bob.
    Ok everyone, i have been given the green light to start ordering the products. You can find the pics of all products here
    There is no pic of the neckwarmer but it is Black and will cost $22, Beanies are $18 and the T-Shirts and Polos range from $22 - $30 depending on what style you were after. All products come Embroidered with the netrider Logo.
    Now, what I need are sizes and money upfront so I can go ahead with the order. If you live locally you can pick up orders direct from me in Mulgrave (or at Friday coffee night), otherwise there will be a $5 flat fee to cover postage. Please send me a PM or email me at debgriffin@optusnet.com.au to let me know your full order, including sizes and how/when you wish to pay. Just remember, the longer you take to pay upfront, the longer the others have to wait for their products :p
  17. I'll send u an e-mail tomorrow deb . Dont know what size the missus is and i dont think she will be happy if i go wake her up to ask . 8)
  18. I would get the ladies gear if it looked okay, but I find that we seem to get the short straw when it comes to reasonable looking bike apparel :?
  19. Yeah it must look crap. I wouldnt buy any ladies gear either.
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Not open for further replies.