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Merchandise Now in stock

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, May 19, 2007.

  1. Folks,

    In stock right now are the following

    2 black/red polo in L
    2 black/red polo in XL
    2 black/red polo in 2XL

    Black T-shirts,
    2 in L
    2 in XL
    2 in 2XL

    and the Neckwarmers are now back in stock, 10 off

    I'll get around to getting them up on the merch page some time today.
  2. Lots of new stuff on the Merch page to tempt you all ;)
  3. I can highly recommend the neck warmers; this morning the Macquarie Pass was cold, wet and foggy; the only warmth to be found anywhere was between my helmet and my jacket. mmm toasty warm :) :).
  4. Vic you mention the neck warmers are $10 off. Does that mean they're $13.50 or that they're usually $33.50?

    Please confirm kind sir :)
  5. No, I said that they were back in stock and I have 10 of them

    Well there were 10 ;)
  6. ^^ says off...sorry :)

    Thanks for confirming :)

  7. meh, what's an F between friends? :p