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Mercedes to challenge BMW for sales

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by grange, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. While everyone thought that the deal between AMG and Ducati was just a partnership, it seems that Dr. Z has inked a deal with the Italian motorcycle manufacturer and has brought it under the Daimler AG family.
    According to exclusive first-hand sources, the deal is worth just under $15 Billion, which is a pretty heft price for a company that only makes EUR 430 million in revenue.
    It said that the Ducati brand will be phased out and replaced by a new company, dubbed as Mercedes-Benz Bertha (paying homage to the wife of Karl Benz)
    Mercedes will now directly compete with BMW and their motorcycle business, which means that they are aggressively trying to attack and dethrone BMW as the premiere motorcycle manufacturer. As of today, Mercedes-Benz is entering a new era, an era that was 125 years in the making.

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  2. gee that seems legit.
  3. was last year the bmw ute?
  4. Coulda at least added an air of legitness by making is Audi doing the buying :p
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  6. why is that ducati dressed up as a merc?
    one april fools joke is plenty
  7. You vill shtop zis nonsense! Internetz iz seriouz bizness!
  8. well ducati has been for sale awhile now...........
    but its obviously april fools as merceds is too smart to throw away the duccati name, someone need to learn how the auto-marlet works in its buy-outs.
    you keep the name, dealerships, factories etc... just share components, desighns and engineering

    as you can see there is really only about 5 main players..... the rest is just branding
  9. Great, Soon we'll have TATA owners putting Maserati badges on their shitboxes, like all the "chevy" commondoors I see everywhere.](*,)
  10. by that logic it would be fiat badges......

    if holden owners wanted a better badge they would put buick badges on

  11. well to be fair there aren't a lot where the only difference is literally branding. "Acura" are literally rebadged Hondas ("Acura RSX" aka Honda Integra, for example) and "Infiniti" are rebadged Nissans, but most manufacturers just platform share, etc.