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Mercedes: Speed Doesn't Kill

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Morbo28, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. Didn't see it anywhere else on the forum, so...

  2. Then how will Australia survive without all that revenue$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?????????????????????
  3. We will all be doomed........Doomed I say....Doooommmmeeeddd.
  4. +1 to The Age, Victoria sucks
  5. i would like to see the media quiz both the gumbyment and police over it, it's basically what the public know but neither of these terrorist groups will listen too ](*,)
  6. They like to make money, not spend it.
  7. Sorry to say, but I have to disagree with you Stew.
    The public don’t know it at all.
    The majority of the public have been successfully brainwashed by the government and compliant media.
    In fact I don’t understand how this article got past the editors?
  8. This is exactly right!

    It is the complete opposite to the speed kills campaign that seems to believe having accidents is fine, as long as accident severity is lessened with a lower speed limit.
  9. meh, not disagreeing with you that a lot do believe the b/s but there is also some of public that do understand the larger picture, just look at the forums
  10. wtf it double posted?
  11. Meh, they believe it right up to the point were they get an infringement for doing nothing remotely dangerous. Then they don't.

    (Davidp1984: that'd be in a Scottish accent, yeah? )
  12. +1 to all of that.

    How many times must I listen to tales of "some idiot with a death wish actually passed me on the highway today"?
  13. The poor ba*stard is right....
    But don't worry...the Government will make sure he is branded as a nut-job, scoffed at by our "real" experts here in Oz where WE really know, that speed is the devil!! (It;s true - I've seen it on the telly)

    Honestly...living in Australia is like belonging to some kind of mass cult group, that are preparing for the return of the whales that spock took!
  14. What?! The whales took Spock?! No wonder the Japs are hunting 'em ... give back our Spock!!! :angel: :bolt:
  15. Awesome!

    I always wondered if the unlimited speed limits in the NT were at least in part removed under pressure from the states because it was making them look bad.
  16. Someone is going to get the sack for letting that slip through
  17. From what I underatnd, Germany still gets plenty of their revenue through tailgating policing.

    Awesome article. I hope it embarassed some petty politicians.
    I've driven convertibles from three of the German car companies, and they are all solid at over 200kmh. I hate how our politicians take the credit for any improvement in the road toll from some German car engineer who's just designed a safer car feature. Also, Germany have a lower death rate at both per population and per vehicle than us (http://www.monash.edu.au/muarc/reports/papers/fatals.html). despite having thousands of it's citizens exceeding 200kmh. And yet, most of their fatalities occur OFF the autobahn
  18. Accident avoidance systems seem the way to go. Although I don't know how they would work on a motorcycle.

    harley Davidson has developed one for their bikes

    ......it's the LIAH system....(leave it at home). :cheeky:
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  20. The other thing to consider too, particularly with the introduction of speed cameras, is that they don't want to stop you from speeding. Rather, they want to CATCH you speeding.