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Mercedes SL63 AMG vs R1

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Justin Stacks, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. R1 couldn't catch him, but looks like he's electronically limited to 300 km/h.

  2. If I ever had the bucks, a CL63 would be the first car to make its way into my garage. Talk about a sledgehammer wrapped in a velvet glove. What's not to like about nearly 600hp and nearly 600 ft/lbs of torque from about 2000rpm. In the base model. He he he he he. All packaged in a conservative, staid looking Grandad vehicle. Until you press the loud pedal.
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  3. Ehh, take a closer look.
  4. A little bit more action in this one...

    Audi R8 X Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R X Suzuki GSXR1000


  5. Would'nt have happened to my Busa!
  6. I think you might be underestimating the sheer amount of stink those top end AMG's have.

  7. You know whats embarrassing about this is, that the dumb fcuk in the merc can't pull a wheelie in his $350,000 car and it only just manages to pull away from an $18,000 bike. What a joke.

    Seriously fast car but still bikes are way more fun.

    I may be biased but I'd take the R1 anyday.
  8. I loved my last AMG. But I got sick of every dumb prick bogan in his SS or XR8 thinking that because they have a v8, I should race them.

    Bike - amazing. Love them, and have ridden for the last ~35 (almost 40, shit I'm old) years. Will always ride, as long as I am able.

    Über fast car - different kettle of fish entirely. Eg - can't put a shed load of luggage on a bike, and drive it cross-country in all weather conditions, arriving warm, dry, refreshed and ready to play.
  9. Good, that leaves the Merc for me. I could sit in that all day with my dumb fcuk hat on no problem.
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  10. amg 63's are the cashed up bogan car of choice... better chance of having them try and race you off the lights from a turning/merging lane than a skyline these days.

    the problem is they're relatively quick and require zero skill... auto, traction control etc.... stomp and go.
  11. That's your learned opinion is it ? How many of them have you driven ?
  12. Id have a SL63 AMG over a bike any day, I just cant afford one... Cant beat the sound of a hand built German V8.
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    What's embarrasing is motorcycle riders that get butthurt when they realise some cars can go faster than them, the amount of money paid is quite irrelevant. If you bought a bike to be the fastest, you will either live in blissful self-deception or unhappy reality.
    I think it's a fairly accurate statement. I find it hilarious every time I see one take off in a hurry, the exhaust sounds so rough because the ignition is cutting out left right and centre to try and keep traction.
  14. opinion... its fact. they're auto... and they have traction control.... if you find it a challenge taking off from the lights under those conditions, please, hand your license in now.
  15. Some of the comments here have me wondering why some of you actually ride bikes. Because it's fun, or is it to display who has the largest penis that doesn't compromise your vehicles ability to travel over 300km/hr?
  16. I ride because its cheap performance, I couldn't hope to get a high performance factory car with similar performance before I'm too old to enjoy it.

  17. Define performance. 300km/hr+on an autobahn, or hustling a great handling light weight vehicle down a narrow twisty winding bumpy country backroad, out of the watchful gaze of the law. There is a difference. I don't see the need to slag one off against the other, just because one can't afford it. As long as it makes you happy, who cares?
  18. Roarin hit the nail on the head. Hating on something purely because you can't ever aspire to own it is bogan personified. If you think what you do is challenging and what everyone else does is a wank then you are delusional bordering on stupid.
    Just for the record I know three people who own 6.3 AMG mercs.
    One of them couldn't drive a stick up a chooks arse and he knows it and doesn't care. The other two have both gone through several sets of tyres fanging the things at track days.
    They are a serious bit of gear and little boys who think otherwise are kidding only themselves.
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  19. My last one wasn't a 6.3 - it was a 5.5 supercharged (the old E55). But what a machine! A full sized sedan - auto with all the toys - that could hit the metric ton in under 5 seconds, and could transport the entire family on a cross-country trip in absolute comfort. And that was about 10 years ago! Dang.

    Now the wife wants one of the little CLA AMG's as a town car. I think the days of me driving her car are numbered :) I don't fit in the A class! Me thinks she has a cunning plan.... She's sick of me taking her current ride to track days LOL

  20. is that with or without greasing it ?