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*&$$ Mercedes drivers

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bragi0, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. OK, I was a little annoyed at the bogan in the V8 that squeezed between two stopped cars from a side street and didn't even look for oncoming traffic, but ok, that's just a day in the life of a motorcyclist.

    However, on the last stretch before I get to work a bloody merc driver pulled the stupidest stunt I've yet witnessed. I was at the front of the queue at the lights, and felt like practicing taking off quickly. So I did. Up to 60km/h (the speed limit on that stretch), then I backed off and quickly changed up to 4th for a relaxing cruise to the top of the hill. The merc driver obviously didn't like the speed limit, OR the empty left lane (yes, I'm usually good at situational awareness), and decided to pass me on my right side, over double lines, with oncoming traffic. I had to quickly dive to the left to give him room to avoid other cars. Thank $deity I at least knew my left was clear. Darn near killed me of a heart attack.

  2. Yep hes a dickhead :grin: To avoid this happening again just keep on accelerating till you see those slow you down BLUE flashing lights :(
  3. was it a light blue CLK230 convertable ?

    In the past week, I'm having the shits with a blue CLK that intentionally moves over in his lane when he sees bikes filter through traffic on Lane Cove Rd. The fcuker even makes is aware he is doing it cause he looks in his rear view mirror.

    I did a Benji Marshall dummy step on him last friday, came up to his left hand side, he moved across, I switch over to his right ! :grin:

    I seem to catch him all the time in morning traffic !!
  4. I've had a similar experience with some dickhead thinking i was travelling too slow (15kmh OVER the speed limit) so he sat on my ass for 500m and then overtook on a single lane road nearly colliding with a car coming out of a sidestreet.
  5. Sounds like someone needs to carry a couple of raw eggs with him.

    If you're feeling particularly evil you could make it a can of red spray paint.
  6. Ditto to that. Had to drive up to South Head to give a presentation at about 1200 today. Through Double Bay etc. They really have some oblivious assholes in that area driving around at random speeds in Mercs with their little yappy excuse for a dog sitting on their lap as they drive! Almost all of the troublesome ones were old folks in expensive cars and John Laws sunnies. Apparently when you are that rich, the world actually does revolve around you and you alone.
  7. Nah, just a little syringe filled with brake fluid, he wouldn't even know it happened until his paint starts to eat away :twisted:


    sharpen a piece of coat hanger wire to just scrape along the side as you pass :twisted:
  8. I'm thinking a bag of raw prawns, or even a rubber toy python !
    The dude is driving a convertible ! :twisted:
  9. Oooooooooooooh a convertible, well that just opens the list up substantially then doesn't it :twisted: something fishy certainly would reek havoc with the upholstery :LOL:
  10. Convertible driver being a dickhead, man he is asking for trouble !

    A plastic bottle of coke 3/4 full , a small nail hole in the lid, easy to carry in a jacket pocket
    When you go past on his right grab said bottle shake the shit out of it and aim in his direction ! works like a champ everytime !! :grin:

    ahh sweet revenge !!
  11. sharpen a piece of coat hanger wire to just scrape along the side as you pass Twisted Evil

    so evil I love it!!!! I just have heavy shoes with steel tips... scratch and dent!!!
  12. They would work great and the best part is if he takes your plates and dobs you in to the cops you can just claim you were trying to have a drink and it fizzed up, so in order not to get it all over your dial (hard to read), or your visor (hard to SEE) you simply held it out the side of your bike till it stopped fizzing. Sorry officer it was just bad luck that the driver was there, nothing but a harmless accident :)
  13. I heard this story once from friend of friends etc.....
    anyways someone p!ssed them off.
    So in the middle of the night they snuck up to his car parked outside his flat and poured a whole tin of paint thinner all over the car next morning the car was f^&ked
    now thats revenge :evil: :twisted:
  14. You'd wanna hope you didn't have an off while that was in your pocket/jacket :shock:

    A piece of steel pierced into my chest, gut, arse, leg, arm etc is not something i would like as the result of even a wee little off.
  15. *rove live*
    *I laughed so hard a little bit of wee came out * - Noble