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Mercedes Corby..

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cantride, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. does anyone else want to punch her in the face just because of the way she looks and talks?

  2. I presume you're referring to the Channel 7 Item last night?

    I think the 'revelations' just confrim what many Australians think about the situation, but the press, of course, has only concentrated on the Corby family's side of the story.....
  3. You mean this one?


  4. Yeah.
    and the poison is spreading to netrider!! There's a post under new rider thread talking about doing cones and u-turns
  5. Classic aussie ferrals :roll:
  6. +1
    but they need them in QLD too vic!
    Can't have them all living down here in wearabeanie....oh hang on where do you live?
    We have them in Altona Meadows too (that's why when people ask I say I live in Lower Sanctuary Lakes) :grin: :grin:
  7. You may call it a mercedies but it sure sounds like a datsun :p

    crap by any other name would still smell.
  8. ...2nd that......motion carried...... 'scuse the pun :grin: :p
  9. I live in Tarneit, far away from Where-he-be
  10. That's not fair, Datsun cars don't deserve to be put down with the likes of the Cone smokin' Corby's! ;)
  11. true... my 200b SSS Coupe was a good car, I concede the point.


    Insert caption:

    Sale at target!!! Farking YEEAAH!!!
  12. shes just got a head that needs a shovel smashed into it... real hard
  13. They look like they may be at the edge of the stage at a chippendales show.

    I'll leave the caption up to your imagination if that's the case. :)
  14. bidding for lbs. at the next door neighbours place?
  15. I think that should be written in past tense, although I do agree a few more times would not hurt her.

    What's with these prestigious names that should be dodgy names.....

    Mercedes ---> should be Skoda

    Paris Hilton ---> should be Frankston Commercial
  16. Mercedes i agree with, but Paris Hilton??
    Dude paris has furthered our cause, she has single handedly started a revolution amongst women that instills the values of a dippy promiscuous lifestyle.
  17. ah, chnl 7 pays a divorced mother of two, who i wouldn't be suprised is a whackjob, for a story that may do more harm than good just to perpetuate their agenda for ratings success!

    even the ex husband finds her story alittle thin.

    chnl 7 and it's "journo's" are a joke!
  18. Her mum looks like a plucked parrot with the beak cut off
  19. Hey she was a really good friend of the family...
    The fact that she seems to be a tad screwed up really doesn't detract from the fact that the corby family is a tad screwed up... In fact it re-enforces it.

    It sounds like the whole lot of them are prety dodgey.
  20. Ask yourself this.

    Who goes to the Gold Coast and says "gee this would be a nice place to live. I've always wanted to live in a shopping centre with the roof cut off".

    Bogons the lot of them. Still doesn't go to guilt. A good slapping would be healthy for everyone concerned.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.