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NSW Mercedes CLC Evolution (2008) - quick sale or will be traded

Discussion in 'Non-Bike Stuff for Sale' started by AyeKay, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. 2008 Mercedes CLC 200 Evolution. 1.8l supercharged, AMG DirectSteer, Xenon lights, panoramic roof, 6.1in touchscreen infotainment (GPS, smartphone/apps/internet integration, DAB radio, DVD etc), 5 speed auto. Full Northshore Mercedes sales and service history plus 4 x new Continental tyres, battery, new brakes (rotors and pads), November rego. 91,xxx km. $15,000 . Gotta go in next few days or its traded. Personal plates will be changed for RMS issued ones.


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  2. has it ever been dropped ?
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  3. Only once on the driveway when it was raining and I was in a hurry.
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  4. why so cheap
    or is that the going price for them?
  5. With no background on it or check I'd say they go for mid 20s but 15 is what the dealer offered as a trade in
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  6. #6 AyeKay, Aug 7, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2016
    Yeah, really burnt on the trade, but don't have the time or will to try and sell privately.

    With time to sell I would be advertising it for 21 and maybe taking 18 min.

    Trade was 13k, happy to split the difference if someone wants a very quick and uneventful private sale.

    It would be one of the only ones that has that level of infotainment though as it was custom done by a high end aftermarket installer. Normally they have just a CD player and Bluetooth for phone, or the Comand option with older GPS - but i spent thousands on this system that you never get back - especially on trade in.
  7. Sold. (Traded).

    The Mrs car now sports a few AMG letters dotted around the thing, so she is happy.

    Next vehicle purchase will only be two wheels - yay me. Better start saving again...
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