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Mercedes biatch!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, May 17, 2007.

  1. Coming home through Newport I was stopped at the front of a red light beside a middle aged (as it turns out) biatch in a pretty new and expensive two door mercedes sports beside me.

    Lights turn green and I comfortable out pace her without much trouble, but she continues to floor it as we come to converge into one lane before Bilgola bends. So I twist the wrist and blast away from her and enter Bilgola bends. This was my BIG mistake!!!

    I thought no worries but she just kept belting along behind me.

    Now if you know Bilgola bends at 4.30 pm you usually will come up to slow or stopped traffic and I was aware of this and (wrongly as it turned out) tried to put extra space bteween us and was travelling pretty quick through the turns but fully expecting to brake.

    Sure enough, third last bend before Av. and stopped traffic in front around the blind curve.

    I stood the bike up and applied the brakes quickly and properly only to hear behind me her (thank god) ABS brakes starting to lock and release etc etc and my guts and sphincter started tightening very quickly while looking for the escape (only on the far left of the lane now between the bank and car in front and, after straightening up, I was on the right side of my lane.)

    There was no accident, but I started to wonder if this biatch was driving an older car or had poorer reflexes, I was either sandwiched or running the risk of a head on by crossing the lines.
    This was at the exact spot that there was a near fatal head on car crash yesterday, I just found out

    If I had slowed up, she was tailgating and if I sped away ( which I did whenever I could) she had the HP to plant and catch me and I knew I couldn't go too fast for the expectant traffic ahead.



    Good rant hey!!!

  2. why argue with a fool that is piloting 1.5 tonne of metal :?
  3. christ mate, getting chased by rich women in Mercedes coupes! we're going to have to get you a big stick to beat the ladies off with! must be quite the charmer :)

    glad you're okay though.
  4. Of course you could have always backed off at the convergence and let them go in front ;) :p.
  5. Too late, but stand down, get off bike and let fly at HER - here does nothing without even a rego number.
  6. Sorry but you raced her, you should expect the risk of a crash.

    You know you should have let her through when converging, but once in front, you should have just slowed to the speed limit, or less. People like that are always going to try to go as fast as you are, and wont accept that a bike can be faster than their lovely car.

    Silly boy.

    PS: I had a couple like that yesterday, as I was splitting through the traffic. I let them go ahead, then passed them in the next queue at the lights. Bikers justice!
  7. If you had let her pass in her stupitity, you would not have had this problem and you would have avoided retum tightening.

    I blame you both. :grin:
  8. Yeh having a P plate-esque driver behind you going into the bilgola bends would be a nightmare and I know exactly what you mean about having to slow down fast coming around that corner to the roundabout. Lucky she was driving something with semi-idiot proof brakes.

    I had a run in with a merc today too, but it was a 4wd merc (worst combo of drivers ever??), it was just after you turn right onto warringah rd, coming from wakehurst parkway. Driver randomly swerved into my lane without indicators, luckily there was no one next to be as I had to duck into the other lane. Yes I know you don't drive next to someone, but it was just after the traffic lights from turning right so don't blame it all on me :p Oh and yes of course I hit the horn as they merged.
  9. She was the racer,(as it turned ou) not me as I have done this exact same thing so many times I cannot remember!!!!

    As I posted, I did slowed and was tailgated. Now all the politically correct people will now say just pull over at let her pass..........yeah right, whatever ya reckon!

    When I was converging, as just about everyone does with a bike (now don't say ya don't now :LOL: :LOL: ) ya twist and go..............go on.............don't deny it. If you do, you are risking being labelled a hypocrite. Now don't preach here on a bike forum against one of the real joys of why we ride bikes. Speed limit yada yadda ya!!

    And besides, she was an ugly fat office type biatch anyway and if she was hot I would have travelled level with her as far as I could and then backed off so I could'a checked her out in her mirror!!! Alas!

    I wish I could live with 20/20 hindsight on what we shoulda done!!

    Poor me
  10. no passing areas on the bends.......tight twisties
  11. Once you're in front, you set the safe pace with enough time for you both to stop if you're aware how close she is.

    ... OR just swerve slalom style all over the road, dance on the bike, look up side-streets and appear generally clueless - people back-off when you start doing silly, unpredictable stuff.

    Works for me :grin:
  12. Its a merc - More like 2 tonne! LOL
  13. not a 2 door sunshine :p

    Upon reading it again, had the OP let her go through she may have smacked into the back of the stationary car ;)
  14. yeah when this happens to me i always slow down to crawling speed, then if they hit me while tailgatting at least tis gonna be a low speed crash compared to a high speed crash!
  15. I was getting tail gated this morning, saw the woman come up behind me at about 110 (in an 80 zone), then promptly sat on my ass, so i slowed down to 70, hit a road works, went through it at 30, hit a 100 zone straight after the road works and accelerated as quickly as possible to that; by the time she caught up i was up at the next road works (and there was an overtaking lane before) so i went through that one at 30 (heck, i was in no rush)

    She spent the rest of the time either stuck behind me, or stuck behind semi-trailers :LOL: serves her right for being a danger to me and other road users.
  16. CL500 = 1995kg
    CL600 = 2185kg
    SL500 = 1910kg
    SL600 = 2045kg
    All 2 doors :p.
  17. Shes an idiot. She proves herself a fool in a high performance sports car by the way she had to slam on the brakes and nearly collect you. Maybe there was no malice intended and she was just trying to race you for fun.

    On Melbourne news tonight a couple died in a high speed accident when their Lotus Elise slammed into a power pole at high speed. Clearly these people were driving beyond their limits and it looks like this woman was too.
  18. I would've let the silly woman past, and then lane split past her and said hello on the way past.
  19. Whats my 99 Saab 93 convertible weigh in at?
  20. My Gemini is like 900kg