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Mentors are INVALUABLE

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Maetrik, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. I know there is a mentoring thread yada yada, but i just want to make a special shoutout to Raven(John) who travelled all the way down to Phillip Island today to SOLELY mentor the group of riders i was with. He didn't ride, he made the very early morning and freezing journey down to help myself and others whom he didn't even know. His advice, even the smallest tips were the difference between me passing guys comfortably or sitting behind them like a ****in idiot.

    The point of this is to ensure that all the learners out there, buddy up with someone who KNOWS what they're doing, not just a mate, a bloke who knows how to ride. Without John's guidance over the past few months there is not one bit of doubt in my mind i would have had a serious accident. Some of the guys i was on the track with today were absolutely woeful. I'm no Casey Stoner but i know what line to take through a pretty easy corner like Siberia, some guys had no idea which highlighted to me that they didn't have the mentoring like i did.

    If you want to progress and build on your skills, use the guys who offer their time as it will not only speed up your transition to a good rider, it may also save your life.

  2. Yes I agree John is definitely a man worth listening to, he knows things. :)
  3. Well done Ben on not only your PI session, but on your fine words regarding John (Raven)..which I agree with 100% ! I've had the pleasure of being under the watchful eye of John, and with his guidance, managed to get my knee down on a ride several weeks ago (missed out 4 bloody times on the recent ride we did..doh!)
    Before I forget..about PI...pics..or it never happened :LOL:

    Onya Maetrik ! Onya Raven !!
  4. Agreed. Only met John once but he taught me an invaluable lesson. Haven't had trouble since :)
  5. Very happy to have helped you guys.
    ...Full credit to you all for having a go. :)
  6. Pics to come, im going to download the files and get them blown up myself to save some coin so i'll upload one or two when i've got them. The conditions were perfect and i had an absolute blast!
  7. I say well done to anyone that gives up there time to help other riders :)

    I think there is a real opportunity here for someone to organize training for track/ride days at PI .. I know the first time I did PI I was absolutely crapping myself .

    riders go for the first time with no idea about which line to take what gear or speed through the corners .. I know you can do super bike school but $500 .. well done raven nice work
  8. Doubel Post
  9. +1 =D>

    Not just for race days either. Im uber grateful of the advice Chris & Goz and other riders have given on the learner days as well. Gotta love teh community spirit :)
  10. Raven has taken me out on the road also, but having a bloke who knows every corner and the track like the back of his hand was bloody handy i can tell you ;).

    About to hit the straight exiting turn 12, got ya! (im on the inside)
  11. Looking good there, Maetrik ! (y)
  12. So if mentoring is so invaluable, why is it that so few of our noobs take advantage of the mentoring thread? I would dearly love to see it being used all the time.
  13. Cheers, the arsehole got me on the straight but took a noob line into turn 1 so i got him again on Southern Loop :D.
  14. Because there are too many noobs who jump on a bike or the first time and think they know it all.
  15. [MENTION=16699]raven[/MENTION] knows his stuff. i have never met him but i have high respect for what he says on here. doesn't bullshit.

    lols at [MENTION=33190]Nucleotide[/MENTION] i wonder who that was directed at.

    nice pix, what headlight is that?
  16. Having started the mentoring thread, i have pondered this very point for a long time now Grey.
    I've concluded, that the really new riders are just shy, maybe even a tad embarassed by their lack of ability.
    Once they get riding properly, and their confidence grows, they then think they don't actually need to seek help from a mentor(s).
    After a while they start to realize, that actually, they are pretty poor riders. They can't admit that toanyone, so they will sit in the background reading all the threads to pick up what they can.

    Move on a year and they can parrot sound advice they've heard from experienced riders. They can talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. Nevertheless, they are behind the keyboard and somewhat safe, so they join in on the threads, and prove to be quite active.

    Sooner or later, they crash or scare the shite out of themselves, and we get a rather meek post, asking questions, and talking about their crash or scare. By then they realize they need help. The wiser, reach out for advice, while the FWits drift away, and disappear.

    I suspect this occurs in 80% or so, of cases.

    The upside, is that those riders who do ask for advice etc, are the cream of the crop, usually. :)
  17. Sounds about right.

    Plus there's this boy thing that we don't read instructions and we don't ask directions, we can sort it out ourselves.
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  19. Can someone please post the link to the thread? I'm not too cool to learn something.

    Thanks in advance.
  20. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=63859

    There ya go ...

    If it wasn't for this thread ... I'd prolly still have the bike in the garage ... I asked for help .. had a lot of replies and hawklord got the job !!!!

    I learnt so much from his invaluable mentoring ... and met a fantastic group of riders as well :)

    It's been great to see the Sat learners/practice session evolve over the last 2 yrs .. I still attend as often as I can as you can NEVER get to much practice :)

    I have my own private mentor now ;) His persistance and belief in me has made me a much better rider then I could ever have imagined I'd be .. on a gixxer thou , no less :p