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Mentoring ride for Melbourne

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by raven, Sep 10, 2007.

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  1. Not sure how the weather is going to be this coming month, but we might try and organize a mentoring ride in Melbourne around early October.

    Just a heads up so you can keep an eye out for the info when it is posted.

    Stay tuned.... :)
  2. S'funny, I was thinking of posting something like this up sometime soon. When you pick the date, maybe bear in mind the proximity of the GP etc. on the calendar. Hopefully, I can assist.
  3. Oh yeah...no worries Titus.
    At this point I'm hoping it can be arranged it for the 7th Oct. (Sunday).
    I think Forester_Neil is going to set it up, so we'll have to wait and see if that week-end will fit in with his plans..
  4. if it is the 7th then you have my assistance. let me know how i can help
  5. The 7th October sounds good. An idea on locations etc:

    Yarra boulevard - Fairfield
    - Melbourne based (and close to home!)
    - Bellbird Picnic area has toilet and BBQ facilities, as well as lots of car park to do slow riding practice if needed
    - Variety of corners and road quality/conditions
    - Can be a bit crowded with pedestrians and cyclists though
    - Close to emergency services (just in case)

    Any other ideas for locations? Much will depend on skill/ability of the riders we attract, as well as numbers.

    Input on riding tips and tricks would be good too - picking up dropped bikes (I'll donate the BMW for that if needed!), slow riding, etc - this would help develop a bit of a program to concentrate on specific areas....



    PS maybe this should shift to the Ride planner topic bit!
  6. Be carefull with the Bvd.
    It is patrolled a bit and only a 50 zone leagaly.
    Almost every corner has a risk involved (Most it is coregations in the middle of the corner, thogh there is also one with a tair the whole length of the bend, or the one smoth corner on the whole road which has an intersection in the middle of it.)
    I am not knocking the road (I love it) but i am pointing out that if a learner pushes to hard it is built to bring them unstuck.

  7. If we did a day more along the lines of training, then your location could be alright, mate...speeds would'nt be an issue, but if the day is fine, the number of peds and bikes could be??. (harder to learn stuff with a bunch of other people all around watching and otherwise adding to the distractions...)

    Any other locations that could be suitable?
  8. I was just going to ask raven if there was going to be a similar thing going on. I'll be in it for sure but it's just a matter of when for me.

    For the location I dont really like Yarra boulevard. After a few times in better roads and the spur I find Yarra boulevard is not a really good to learn on. Its bumpy at plasce and I dont like the surface but if its gonna be held there i'll still go on it just so I can learn cornering better.
  9. Yeah let me know, I should be able to help with this one and buddy up with some learners.
  10. Keeping an eye on this...... :grin:
  11. As a learner I find the road fine if sticking to the posted speed limits.

    i've still yet to see a police car patrolling...
  12. Bugger... was hoping to get along to this but that Sunday is a no go.
    I don't think Yarra Blvd on a weekend is a good idea... there are usually heaps of cars, bikes and peds there on a Sunday esp if its a nice day and its very easy to go over 50 around there as well. Mid-week is a good time to get down there, i've done that a few times just to practice some cornering and its pretty much deserted.
  13. me too
  14. sounds good i got a mate who will probably get a bike within a few weeks. me and him will have to tag along i reckon
  15. happy to start from my place. rowville has enough quiet streets to start on and if we use the hills heading out toward berwick ther shouldnt be to much traffic
  16. This sounds good. Depending where it starts from, I think I may be able to come.


  17. It's great to see so much interest developing for this event!

    Here are my thoughts to date (any input welcome!)
    AM - Activities (slow riding, cornering, dropped bikes, basic tech/pre ride checks - any other ideas?)
    Lunch - BBQ, questions and feedback
    PM - Short ride (Yarra Glen, Kinglake, Whittlesea, Home?)

    I suggested the Yarra Boulevard in Fairfied since it was close to home ;) , had parking, BBQs and a stretch of road that had a variety of conditions that can provide a challenge for newer and experienced riders alike - changing radius corners, corrugations both across and around corners, different surfaces, intersections, etc. The real downside to the location was the chance of loads of cyclists and pedestrians...

    I've tried to rack my brain for other locations with similar attributes, but my brain was missing! :LOL: (Hey, I am a public servant after all!)

    One other location may be the Boulevard in Ivanhoe?

    Send us a PM or post it up if you have any thoughts and suggestions.



    PS I remember the good ol' days, when the Boulevard was pretty much a weekend race track for bikes and the occasional car!
  18. I'm in

    I'd be really keen for this. Thanks for getting it up and going. Sounds great and the date works well for me.
    My vote would be for the Yarra Boulevard. Nice and central. Let's face it, there's not going to be the 'perfect' venue on a weekend.
  19. Just so there are'nt any misunderstandings...I think Neil is aiming to have more of a training day styled event...not too focussed on the higher level aspects of cornering or that sort of thing.
    The roadwork is more likely to be along the lines of Head position (where you should be looking), position on the road, and countersteering - all at a sedate pace. The ride afterwards would be a way to practice a little of what's been passed on.

    The car-park work would be for things such as slow speed manouvering - using your rear break for bike control etc...does'nt take up alot of space, and everyone gets a chance to watch each other, and learn from it.

    If you want more advantaced cornering help, you might need to do some one on one with a mentor on another day, even though the basics will probably get covered.

    This is an ideal day for noobs or riders who might be having trouble with some specific aspects of their bikecraft...you'll be able to pick the brains of more experienced riders...ask heaps of questions, and hopefully dispell any fears or miss-information about riding.

    Neil...feel free to correct me if I am wrong with any of this, just in case I have misunderstand the plan, mate.? :)
  20. Raven is spot on! This will be a great opportunity to develop skills, share experiences and practice. Meet new people and have a BBQ!

    I'll be doing that myself! :grin:


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