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mentoring pls for a ride into the city (Melb)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ozknightrider, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Hello

    Im a learner rider wanting to ride into Melbourne city with someone experienced in the mornings to work.

    I am coming from Glen Waverley and travelling on the Monash Freeway arriving into the city about 7:45 am . I then leave after 4pm

    Ive been riding for a couple of weeks now on main roads but not the freeway yet, is anyone able to just ride with me on the first couple of weeks ??

  2. Welcome to the forum ozknightrider. I hope you find someone to go with you but my recommendation is that you just try it by yourself - at your own pace. If you've been riding on the roads then i'm sure you'll manage this easily.
    I'm worried that adding a second person in the mix may take you OUT of your comfort zone in that you'd be trying to follow someone elses riding method. In peak hour traffic it would be extremely hard for you to follow/copy/be mentored by anyone anyway because of the constantly changing nature of the surrounding traffic.

    Just my 2 cents. Give it a go yourself, if you dont like it- then try it a few more times and you'll get used to it :D

    Oh and start off not lane splitting/filtering and slowly take that up as you feel comfortable and only in gaps that you feel are safe.
  3. I'd recommend getting out on the freeways on Sundays or something, just to give yourself a feeling for it in light traffic before you start with the peak out stuff....
  4. +1 to everything he said, esp. the bold part. I was following another rider today (Triumph Tiger - cheers if you're reading this) and I was very aware of how important it was not to do what he does...

    I recommend you do the Monash during a quieter time, then perhaps gradually build up to the madness. And get up your experience riding in traffic.
  5. as already stated, start off small. some will say jump right in, but riding in peak hour traffic is very busy and draining. start off riding during quieter times to get used to being around cars traveling at 100KPH+, and step up from there.

    also another idea is plan your route and stick to it. leave earlier, so you have time for traffic and dont feel pressured into doing things you arent comfortable with. you need you wits about you, and worrying about time is not going to help you stay aware of whats around you.
    leave early, keep your eyes open, and relax.. you'll do fine im sure.
  6. Im with everyone here. Even though Im a QLDer I have experienced the Monash heaps when I was doing loads out of that neck of the woods at peak hour times. Its a scary place in a truck let allone a bike.

    If you are at Glen Waverly try going for a ride out to Moe or that way on a Sunday, it will give ya a good feel of freeway riding with less traffic. Just make sure its not late Sunday arvo when evevyone is coming home from their weekend.

    My 2.2cents. (bloody GST)
  7. Believe it or not, I find freeway riding to be quite easy, though the Monash isn't the best at the moment what with the bad road surface due to widening works.

    I'd ride with you except I ride in the exact opposite direction!
  8. Which may explain why you find riding on the Monash to be quite easy?? :wink:

    I don't have a prob with the road surface - there's only one bit (the dug out patchy bits) but they're easily avoided...
  9. Riding to work places fairly tight time restraints on people (being late for work makes life difficult for most people), so it's unlikely people will be able to provide mentoring sessions unless they get up much earlier than normal. It's also not a safe environment for pulling you up and giving advice ect....

    I'd be more than happy to ride to work with others for the company/comradery but I wouldn't recomend any learners attempt to keep up with the pace. My advice is like the rest. Get comfortable with the route in quiet times. Then, as you gain confidence you can take it to peak hour. You can get all the advice you need by asking on Netrider as questions arrise and we can answer more safely here than on the side of the Monash. :)

    Good luck and happy safe commuting. :)
  10. I live in Glen Waverley and commute on the Monash freeway 3-4 days a week. Like everyone said, its not really practical to ride together in heavy traffic, but I'm happy to meet and give you some pointers on how to go about it.
    i think you can pm me on this forum (i've never really tried)
  11. For what its worth - if you do want someone along as support, have them FOLLOW you rather than lead. They'll provide a screen to keep the rest of the road users from getting too close, particularly if your speed isn't as high as they want to go. Stay to the left, remember your roadcraft and you'll be just fine.