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Mentor wanted [Bris]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Lobsta, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. hi there guys,

    i am at a point in my riding where i feel that i have taught myself as much as i can (familiarity with my own bike etc), and was wondering if there are any experienced riders in brissy that are willing to give up some time to help out a younger rider?

    I looked in the mentor's thread and the only brissy mentor listed seemed to stop posting in late april/early may. i am located on the southside, but im sure i could figure out a way to make it from the southside to the northside (or the east side or the westside).

    i have the weekend off on the weekend of the 4/5 of october, so if there is anybody that thinks they would be able to help me out, let me know by pm or a reply or smoke signals or whatever.


  2. Hey

    I would surggest going to Queensland Motorcycle Riders Forum . I moved up to QLD ealier this year and doesnt seem to be many active Qlders on netrider theses days.

    QMRF seem to have leaner rides every now and then. I havent been on any rides with them yet. But they seem like a good buntch of people.

    I do miss my netrider rides from when I was in SYD. Anyways hope that helps

  3. In much the same boat...
  4. same out in toowoomba :)
  5. 'cept your ninja is newer than mine :cool:

    yours too :cool:
  6. we should all suit up and go for a 'noob ride'



  7. Sounds like a good idea. So long as we have someone 'wise' with us. Who'll it be
  8. Why not teach each other? After all, the best way to learn is to learn by doing ;) Go for a ride and see if any of you can spot what the others are doing wrong or could be improved... it might actually be very enlightening without having someone tell you exactly what's wrong.

    Just a thought...
  9. I dont really feel like I can teach anyone anything about riding at the moment :p

    Would love to go for a ride with a few locals, if there are any around.

    Edit: Awesome. Im out for 3 weeks :(
    After that though....!!!!