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Mentor required - Lane Cove

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Pintsized, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. Hi there...
    Im a learner looking for a one on one mentor.
    Lets just say my skill level is zero but desire to learn is a 10.
    I have only been on the road a couple of times and freaked myself out a bit. So if someone is willing to give me a couple of hours of their time it would be much appreciated.
    Im in Lane Cove (north shore area).

  2. Pintsized, change the title to state location and what you're after (a mentor), also post in the mentor thread.

    Good luck with your riding... after a while that adrenalin from freakin out, will be replaced by the addiction of enjoyment - trust me. :)
  3. ride around


    i'm a new rider in lane cove too. i ride in the middle of the night so i don't have to worry about traffic and get to focus mainly on control.

    pm me if you want to meet up and chat about where you're up to.
  4. Re: ride around

    Seems i cant PM until i have 7 posts. Dont want to go round leaving random post so dont know when i will rack my 7 up :(
    Like your idea of riding around in the middle of the night as lane cove can be like peak hour at the best of times!
  5. what do you think makes you nervous on the road?
  6. Emmm lets see....just one thing really.... f&*^%$ cars!
    Ok i'll be serious now....
    besides the cars I think i have a wee problem with the front brake....the leaver is too far away from these small fingers. So when i try pull the front brake in i end up accelerating so thats freaked me out a fair bit.
    Need to get the leaver modified or changed. Have posted request for advice on that one.
  7. what i do

    i wake up at 1/2/3 am and ride around the carpark at the back of coles. or i go down to blackman park where the gates are locked to cars and ride around.

    also read on a us site that riders should do 30hrs before going on the road. i would agree.
  8. email

    oh. pm probs. if you want, send me an email to heart11au@yahoocomau and we can organise to meet.
  9. Re: what i do

    I have been down to the industrial area of Sam Johnson Way... no cars on the weekends. I had a friend ride the bike down epping road for me :grin:
  10. ha, i know the feeling. stay off epping road if you can. i had the guy from the bike shop across the road ride it home for me!

    you should be able to get to those locations i talked about by yourself though, or i go around and around the block near parklands rd.
  11. i live in lane cove as well.
    i spent around 3 or 4 days riding in that area where you go down longueville road toward the st michaels church and then turn right at the traffic lights.
    yes it is a road situation but if you go in the middle of the day or anytime there aren'ts many cars and there are long straights, turns and some hills which it excellent. if you see a car behind you just pull over and let them pass first if you feeling uncomfortable.
    after that you will be ready in no time.
  12. stopping on a hill!! ha, still coming to grips with hill starts.
  13. hmm i'm kinda close to lane cove.. could come out for a bit one night if im free ;-)
  14. I can certainly help you out. Happy to do it in the dark but better if you find a spot that has decent lighting. Drop me a PM and we can meet up. Alternatively happy to take you for a ride tomorrow night over to Randwick for the coffee meet, or is a harbor crossing a bit much at this stage?
  15. ur breaking and accelerating problem when ur riding make sure ur wrist is flat on the accelerater BEFORE u give it some gas, that way ergonomics will force u to shut off the accelerator when u reach for the brake leaver.

    i learnt the hard way on that point hopefully u dont have to,
  16. last night, i went out at midnight. i rode around the back of coles and in and around the shopping centre. saw about 6 taxis, a garbage truck and one semi.
  17. went out again last night. learnt some more things. going in and out of carparks, up and down hills, it all adds to the store of experiences.