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mental note.. dont let your mates "have a quick go&quot

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Dan Pickering, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. see above and yes im aware this was probably the stupidest mistake ive ever mate BUT... a few days ago, i let a mate have a quick spin on my 2004 VTR250 (in perfect condition, 4000kms, matte black, etc etc) in a carpark and he had panicked heading straight for the wall. In a matter of seconds it was up against a wall on its side (and on him, thank god)
    After nearly breaking down.. i checked damage.. fork bent inwards about 5 degrees just under the bottom steering clamp, front guard cracked all the way through and a scratch on the seat fairing :(
    Ive only been riding for a few months so i like to share my enthusiasm, but let me assure you, this will never happen again.
    Please someone tell me this happens all the time so i won't feel so stupid :oops:
    SO... called up honda and Peter S today and been quoted $600 in parts (fork inners and front guard) and $350ish for labour... does anyone know if this sounds about right and if i can really do anything myself or if this is a job for the professionals.

    Can't wait to see the smile on my dads face, someone who told me id probably drop my first bike anyway... not funny as it wasnt even me :shock:

  2. Re: mental note.. dont let your mates "have a quick go&

    Don't know about the pricing but don't worry! Bikes can be repaired, people can't (as easy). just be glad no one was seriously injured... I think anyway? You mentioned the bike was "on him"? People make mistakes, we learn from them (hopefully) :)
  3. [​IMG] Dont lend tools, wives, cars/bikes. They all come back rooted!

    Lesson learnt. Can your mate pay? If not [​IMG]
  4. sorry a little harsh as he did save it from more damage and yes he's fine.. :furious:
    After id recovered from shock, he added we should go 50/50 for repairs :nail:
    its like getting blood from a stone from this bloke and im at poor uni student so ill take what i can get.
    lesson definately learned
  5. A real generous mate :!:
  6. a little bit of this to yourself [​IMG] for letting him ride it, and some for him for not offering to pay the lot :!:

    you bin it, you bought it
  7. If he won't pay up, he's not worth your friendship.
    Would have been the first thing on my mind, in fact, I'd already be hunting down the parts for you.
    Cut the loser loose.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. lol yeah my mate
    put 1 of my bikes down twice, But it was a POS so not that upsett, besides he lost alot of blood which makse up for it.
  9. If you're ever going to lend it, I'd always make sure that they understand they brake it, they pay.

    I don't care if it was my best friend, any reasonable person would pay 100% to damage they caused when its completely their fault.
  10. My mate decided to pushing my bike out of the bike spot for me, and didnt take the disc lock off, and it crunched the front guard. He had good intentions though.

    About the forks, just get some good second hand ones. U can normally pic up some good ones from the wreckers for 300 for the whole forks. Get urself a carbon front guard will cost u 200 max. Wack them on urself and ur in business.

    300 bucks for labour, are they kidding. Take of wheel and forks (10min), Take forks appart (15min), put the New parts in new oil seals etc (1hrs max) Put back(10min). Maximum 2hr job if they know what they are doing.
  11. yeah, i can do full fork rebuild in 2.5 beers.
    and im NOT a mechanic.
  12. $5000-15000/yr insurances, $ 600-1500/wk rent, $ 500-1000/quarter electricity, $5000-15000/yr workers comp etc, are they kidding?
    Ever run a business?

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. G'day everyone,....

    Simply put,.....your mate should pay the full amount since he was incharge of the bike.

    If I borrow a mates things and break somthing,...I have to fix it,..its the right thing to do.

    Dr Who?
  14. No i dont run a business, but am doing a accounting and economics degree. Usually Labour is worked out on a cost basis, that includes overheads of what u have described above.
    From what i have experienced mechanics charge about 75 per hr. So i personally believe its a bit overpriced.

    1 beer = how much time??

    U gun, wish i could do it that quick.
  15. I reckon your mate should pay for it, I believe in the "you break, you pay" policy. If you know your mate is that tight though, sometimes it is better to cut your losses.

    Have you thought about talking to wreckers and getting there? Forks may be a bit hard to get though.

    The prices you quoted appear to be reasonable, a bike store will try to extract as much money from you as possible, there appears to be a decent knowledge and experience base here, for the cost of a carton or two of beer, getting used spares you could end up a few hundred in front :)

    OT: Natta, I've got a spare CF front guard for an RGV if you interested :roll:
  16. The beer scale is based off many variables, including mood and flavour of beer. For example, me + good mood + stella artois = 2 min beers. me + rum mood + vb = 1hr beers.
  17. Or get the forks straightened for $60 each, with no possible dubious history of second-hand ones!

    Though if the forks are bent, it's possible there's something in the triple clamps too.
  18. If you get the parts, I'm happy to help you pull it apart, put back together etc.

  19. thanks for the advice and offers. Im probably gonna cut my losses and get it done by the proffessionals and get my 50% from him fair n square then when i see him next :bolt:
    Ive only been on a bike for 2 months so its been a good lesson, plus you really learn who you're mates are.
    im on holidays and hopefully back and riding in a week so if anyone wants to go out riding with a newbie lemme know.
  20. ohh man why did you let him ride it ?

    I would never let my mates ride my bike if they werent licensed and had the money to buy it if they crashed it.

    My mate offered me a ride on his r6, i didnt take up his offer because i couldnt afford repairs if i damaged it.