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Men - want a bigger ****

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. uhm, 7.5cm erect is considered normal, I think someone has their numbers wrong :-s
  2. Haha my other half saw this and said:

    No different to motorcycles as most can't ride what they have to their max...
    Bl00dy typical female responce...](*,)

    Serves me right showing her the article....8-[
  3. For a tiny gain you have to spend 4-6 hours of work everyday....FFS go cure cancer or invent a clean energy source, just some other hobby.
  4. How do you make a woman cum ? Who cares.....why would you bother.
    Good thing chicks are nice and tell us all that it's big lol.
    General consensus is it cant fit inside a toilet roll and has to be longer.
  5. Wow and here i was feeling sorry for myself.
    Suddenly i feel slightly more then twice the average...

    If they actually mean inches :p damn, average :p.
  6. Umm ..... 7.5cm is pretty small (about 3 inches in the old money)

    I think 16cm is closer to the mark.

    Edit: just found this http://www.ansellcondoms.com.au/penis_size.asp
  7. hmmm ... I saw the thread title and thought that the left out word in 'Men - want a bigger ....' was TV!!! LOL
  8. Related interesting documentary: http://documentaryheaven.com/penis-size-insecurity-by-men/
    "Penis Size Insecurity By Men"
    Everybody has at least once in their lifetime received spam emails arguing in favor of a bigger penis size for men, and knowing just the right product that really works. But have we really thought about this issue? In the beginning of the 21st century men are at last feeling at ease when talking about their bodies. They can talk about issues ranging from body hair, moisturizing, man tits, muscles and even beer guts. But one thing they still can’t talk about, at least with each other, is the size of their penises. So why not?

    (And the chick version for those that are interested: http://documentaryheaven.com/the-perfect-vagina/ )

    Very interesting and enlightening videos.
  9. I don't talk to guys about their penises in case they want to show them to me. Have you ever seen one, they're funny looking?
  10. I seen one once, then I stopped sucking in my gut and havnt seen it since.
  11. LOL. Give the man a ... Well - why not a cigar? If he's only seen it once he probably wouldn't recognise a phallic symbol if he saw one.
  12. I wish I had a 12 inch penis.....instead of this massive thing I'm hauling around at the moment.
  13. I know how to make my penis 12 inches long - but I am not folding it in half for any one
  14. I know how to make my penis look bigger, find a girl with smaller hands
  15. I haven't got a small dick, you've just got a big c...
  16. It's called a wizard's sleeve. ;)
  17. Like throwing a sausage down a hallway
  18. Personally, any emails that I receive about making my penis bigger I ignore. The reason I do that is because most penis enlargement pills don't work, plain and simple.

    Originally Posted by Stroker
    I haven't got a small dick, you've just got a big c...

    Like throwing a sausage down a hallway

    Too funny! That would be the best comeback if a girl dissed your size!
  19. Tic Tac down the harbour tunnel