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Memorial section.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User6, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. I would like to suggest a fallen riders section.
    Most clubs have a honour roll or memorial section for riders from the club who are lost .

    It is one page , names can be placed up there, also if they were club members or netrider a differant colour .

    This way people memeries live on forever.
  2. What a good idea, and make it another item in the menu bar to the left, with a flag to note if there are any new names added (God, doesn't that sound awful when you say it like that???)
  3. Hmmmm... it sounds like a good idea, but most of the fallen riders that have recently been posted about aren't netrider members? If that doesn't matter.. then a section honoring the memory of the riders would be good.
  4. I think it is a great idea Groberts. I just posted a reply stating this in the rider down thread without realising you had a new topic for it, so i'm sorry about that. It is much more respectful then placing the death notices in 'General Discussion'. Regardless of whether they are netrider members or not, they are still brothers in arms with a passion for the wonderful world of motorcycles.
  5. and mods, maybe no ads on the memorial section if possible...
  6. MOST?
    I don't think we have lost any netrider members although Scope's old man may have been one through association.
    Let's hope we don't lose any more riders let alone Netrider members.
    I think the obit. section is a good idea, but we should call it something else.
    A "reality reminder" section a "take care out there" section or "Rider down"
    Section. or "pay your respects"
  7. I like the idea of "Rider Down", not just a memorial section, as you can post both about accident/fatalities. Guys who have come down (like Brokey) need just as much sympathy/support as the netrider family can give them :)
  8. I'm with you codeblue, it should not just be for deaths, but also for accidents and misadventure.

    I have often thought too, although none of the recent posts have been Netrider members, that it woud be great if somehow our messages of sympathy could be got through to the actual familes involved? Is this possible Vic?
  9. a honour roll or memorial / Obit section is not for everything else , thats is general discussion.
    The honour sect , is for the people who have "Paid the ultimate sacrafice" and leave it at that .
    wishs and condolances can be paid as normal .
    netriders or friends off could have a differant coloured plaques
    but dont turn it into something its not please.

    just the names and even a photo , like the example i placed up .[/u]
  10. I agree with the general tenor of this discussion. It would be nice if there were somewhere more formal to recognise those who have paid the ultimate price for our shared obsession.

    I think that riders who've had accidents, etc, probably still belong in General Discussion as it's more widely read and therefore leaves us all opportunity to post messages of support and offers of help.

    I also think it would be great if we, as netriders, could convey our sympathy to the families of downed riders from without our fellowship. Can't quite think how it could be done, but the idea has merit.
  11. I dunno it sounds a bit morbid IMHO. We say condolences in the newly posted thread and then move on. Do we really need to have a forum stating all the dead riders :?:

    Is the purpose of the forum to remind us how dangerous it is to ride a bike, I think we all no that. Just sounds morbid. Thats not what Netrider is for IMHO.

    And what about all the riders who die but not on a bike at the time are they not worthy of being admitted into the Hall of Fame (death) or is the entrence criteria one must be on a bike at the time when checking out and leaving no forwarding address. Jusy MY opinion thats all, not much of an opinion but an opinion none the less

    Cheers 8)
  12. Well done Glen, this is a great idea and will get the death stuff out of General Discussion.
  13. I think the saddest part is needing a section like that at all.

    It happens, its real, and its a good idea to let people know about it for those who may think they're immortal, but I don't know that it needs its own section. I'm a bit with Dazza on this one, and think its definetly a bit morbid.
  14. I cant make up my mind either way so im on the fence with this one.
  15. would the server have enough space to hold the list?

  16. I'm with Glen on this one but I would include anyrider who met an untimely end no matter how! It is however easier to identify a rider killed on their bike as being a rider! On second thoughts if they ride like I do maybe a trier would be more appropriate!
  17. groberts, is a good idea for here but no member of our club that passes will be placed on it as we have our own honour roll, in memory of those who served and gave their lives for their counrty "lest we forget"

    Only in my brother shall I place my trust for he alone is a true patriot.
  18. Thats why I like the idea of an "accidents" section...where you can give support to people getting better..I personally wouldnt click on a "memorial" section.. too depressing :?
  19. a honour roll or memerial section is not about posting comments or replys.
    It is a page with members names on plaques who have payed the ultimate sacrafice.

    all comments , and other stuff can be done in geeral discussion section.
    But its not done in the honour roll, as you cant post to it .
    the only one who can add or delete is the mods.