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[Members] On your way to PI from Sydney?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. do any of you stop in batemans bay for fuel, coffee or a snack?
    if so, i might just be able to pull some strings.
    i wont be able to visit because i'll be too busy sealing roads at bermagui (actually resealing some of bermi-cobargo rd and bermi-tathra rd) but Mrs RidesCbr works at a local cafe and is trying to set up a discount for you guys. let us know! :grin:

  2. Came through today, Joel, but I'll pick this up on the way home, very nice of you....
  3. Hi Joel, just wondering how the sealing went, are there any corners or bits I should look out between Bermi -Tathra do you guys use loose metal when patching/sealing or ac.
    Cheers Crafar
  4. there will be loose stones on the road, right at the bermi end from the 50km/h signs for about 2 kms, and then again at the tathra end just before bega river for about 1.5kms. there will be adequate warning signs though, and i will make the boys broom it after to reduce the flicking stones, enjoy!
  5. oh yeah, important to add.
    a freshly sealed road has pre-coated aggregate on it, the pre-coat agent is basically a mixture of a bituminous material and a diesel oil or similar.
    this is what the brownish wheeltracking is at the end of the freshly sealed section of road (no, its not the tar running off :p).
    if you ride over this, you will get some of this pre-coat on your tyres and can be slippery for about the first 2-3kms until it is scrubbed off. so just make a note not to hit it straight up. you probably wont even notice it but if there is moisture or dew, you will.
    about 60 bikes have gone through the jobsite so far, i wonder if any were netriders?
    im very jealous.