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Members in Tas from Melbourne WIMA?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RRbabe, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. Cejay tells me that some of my former Melbourne WIMA friends have (like me!) relocated to Tassie. After seeing the posts about his off last week (great to see people coming away from the offs but just goes to show you need the right gear) I finally decided I should join Netrider.

    For those that remember me - I did the design for the WIMA baseball caps and at that point had an R6... now onto the CBR600RR with an F4i in the garage alongside!

    Would love to hear about bike stuff happening down here in the Apple Isle, particularly if its closer to Launceston. Am working in Launceston and Hobart, Burnie and Devonport on occasion.

    Jo (Jones)
  2. hi :)

    welcome aboard. im fairly new here too.
  3. G'day Jo.. Glad to see a new Tassie Member
  4. thanks, good to be back chatting to other riders... seems most of the Tassie folks are down south?

  5. I'm an expat from the north :LOL: ... Nah I used to live up north in york street for about 6 years... Nasty frosts this time of year... Any how we ride just about everywhere unforturnaley for you a lot of us are in and around the hobart area...

    But if We or I am riding north I'll definatley post and catch up... Oh BTW Welcome back..
  6. Tis pretty addictive! (not too hard to fit replies in amongst 'work' though)... Haven't used netrider before - when Cejay and I were together it wasn't as big as it is now... and have moved to Sydney and Tassie between then and now. Used to go on a couple of rides with Girls Ride Out in Sydney as well as knowing most of HRCA and WIMA in Melbourne... have yet to introduce Ian (he has my 'old' f4i... the RR was my treat for moving to Tassie) to many down here that ride, am looking fwd to the better weather!

  7. Hi Jo!

    I am a member of WIMA Vic. Have been for about 4-5 years.
    Not sure if I met you, but I loved the cap you designed. It was the most funky design for the merchandise I had ever seen!
    I have moved to Hobart to work at the University, so I will be here for the next 3 years at least!
    After much sooking, I finally brought my bike over here last weekend, and am looking forward to going on some great rides...when it warms up...:)
    I went to the AGM in Mt Gambier earlier this year, I met some great SA WIMA members when I did the tour of New Zealand in November last year and so it was a bit of a reunion of sorts...
    Perhaps as Iffracem said, we could all meet halfway for a ride soon?
  8. Hi Jo!

    Welcome aboard Netrider!! You'll understand that NR revolves around Coffee nights (hot chocolate for the coffee challenged) and weekend social rides. That 600rr of yours is going to worry what's happened!

    I'm insanely jealous of these Tassie roads I keep on hearing about, but looking forward to sampling some of them next year, as well as a drop or two of Tasmania's finest brews.
  9. hey there...
    I was prob b4 your time at WIMA Vic :wink: I moved to Sydney in 2003 but hadnt been for quite a while b4 that.
    Am down in Hobart semi frequently at the moment (depending on work), but unfortunately usually on 4 wheels instead of 2 :( bit too cold and foggy in the mornings and usually have to go straight to a client - they dont seem particularly keen on the leathers and bike jacket look :(. Where at the Uni are you working? - I was out there a few weeks ago for a few days.

  10. Cejay, wanna go halvies on organising a Netrider Tassie trip?

    I too am jealous of all the good things we hear about their roads.

    I'm as keen as Glitch :p to do a trip down south.