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Melway Edition 1 On-Line

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. I've found a link to allow you download the maps from the Edition 1 Melway Street directory as individual Jpegs


    How things have changed;

    - The South Eastern ends up on Yarra Bvd, no Mulgrave Fwy (now part of the Monash Fwy).
    - No Westgate Bridge or Freeway (but the Williamstown Rd ferry is there instead).
    - Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) is still under construction and no Tulla Freeway except from Mickelham Rd to the proposed airport.
    - No Eastern Freeway.
    - The Fishermans Bend airport is still there.
    - How many Drive Ins are shown around Melbourne.

    Edition 1 dates back to around 1966 so where I live will not exist for another 7 years :shock:

    So to promote some General Dicussion in the General Discussion forum :wink: what else can you find that has changed (quote Map & reference number to make it easier).
  2. I've got a 1962 Morgans directory. Bought it for 10/6d in 1963.

    Laverton area. West of Fitzgerald Rd between Boundary Rd and Sayers rd is only Leakes rd. Shows Brooklyn Drive-in and the Speedway opposite. Shows the Princes highway and old Princes highway meeting near corner of Kororoit Ck Rd.

    In Dandenong, on Frankston-dande rd. Nothing past Kirkam Rd in way of development.

    Shows a Mugrave Freeway finishing at Springvale rd. Shows VFl Park

    I used it for driving trucks from Newport delivering foundation reo steel.
  3. Ooh look! Southland is opening late 1969!!
  4. what we are talking about the oldie day and no hornet :shock: geez he is getting slow in his old age :LOL:
  5. Looks like the Yarra River railway bridge is still operational. Map 43 G10
  6. mmm looks like debs house is way older than this one! as there are no streets between ferntree gully Rd and wellington Rd where the street should be(map71)...should be about E-10
  7. The basic page numbers haven't changed since edition 1.

    It's interesting to actually print a page and compare it with the current edition.

    Try following the Tulla Freeway (City Link) from Flemington Rd to the Essendon Airport and see how much they bulldozed to build it.
  8. geez, fair go, I only lived in Melbourne for 3 and a half years, and then in the Yarra Junction area.

    But I do remember arriving down there to live in 1982 and someone asking me whether or not I had a Melways; I had no idea what they were talking about!
  9. Time to fire this thread up again, no particular reason just want to......

    Index Page shortcut.

    Take a look at Map Ref 28 A9

    The City of Essendon Quarry is now better known as the Highpoint City Shopping Centre and if you wander over to Map 27 you can see that a Drive In (saw many movies there in my PJ's) was located where Hardly Normal & the DSE Powerhouse are now.
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