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Melville Caves

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. While out riding yesterday, I happened across some caves that would make a great ride destination for people.

    I left the city via Citylink to Lancefield, up the Burke and Wills Track to Mia Mia, Sutton Grange, Gold Point, Castelmaine, to Maldon, where I rode up Mount Tarrengower. Of course Melbourne to Maldon is just over an hour if you take the Calder Freeway.

    My aim was to explore back roads from there in a rough circle west to Dunolly and north to Bridgewater, beginning at Bishops Hill Rd off Bridgewater-Maldon Rd. These are wonderful strips of tar: empty, both narrow and wide, straight and sweeping. At an easy pace you'll have no trouble with the gravel in the corners. At Rheola I was about to continue north-west to Inglewood when I saw a sign pointing to caves. Six kms on I wound my way up Kooyoora National Park to the summit. Yesterday it was a lonely place, but noisy with a million insects floating in the heat. I wandered about and found the mouth of the Melville Caves, which are gaps in the granite. The bushranger ‘Captain Melville’ allegedly used them as a post in the 1850s. I won’t say too much, and these pictures from my cheap camera convey little of the Egyption proportions of the granite, but it’s an exciting ride destination. Being on my own, I also found it a little eery (which, to complicate the feeling, evoked my boyhood dream of being Indiana Jones).

    The entrance to the cave (I am there so you can gauge the dimensions)

    From within the first, upper part of the cave.

    The ceiling at the lower end

    A photo with the Flash

    There looks to be very good camping facilities, and I would assume there’s water but you’d best check – it was a thirsty place! The roads are well worth exploring in this area, many of them sealed (I took sealed roads only) and the caves add excitement to the ride.


    [Edit: There are more pictures in the blog linked below]
  2. Lucky you having the place to yourself, Melville caves are a popular destination during the holidays and weekend, usually the place is swarming with people.

    It is a good camping destination, just try to get there when it's quieter.
  3. Yeah I remember going there as a kid and pretending that we were the cast from Skippy! Amazing what can be found if we look.
  4. so this isnt far from me yet ive never heard of it lol doh.
    Thanks for the heads up Mattb!
  5. And check out the armour (tanks) parked in Moliagul on the way. That is if the guy still has them.
  6. Guna check this one out on Sunday if anyone wants to come with us let me know ;)