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VIC Melton Community Forum

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by 665, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. I received this. I went last time and wasn't too bad, except for the part where riders were wanting protective clothing to be mandatory.

    Good Afternoon,
    Join us at Tabcorp Park and learn how to safely enjoy motorcycle riding. Register your details online at www.melton.vic.gov.au/road2zero if you are wanting to attend.
    Where: Tabcorp Park – 2 Ferris Road Melton
    When: 15 September 2012

    Hopefully you can make it.


    Jan Webb
    Road Safety/Active Transport Officer
    Melton Shire Council
    ph: (03) 9747 7200
    fax: (03) 9743 9970
  2. Paul

    Is it all just a talk fest or are there riding demonstrations etc?

    Is it open to non residents?
  3. **Double Post, sorry**
  4. I just had a quick look at that. It says up the top "Calling all motorcyclists"

    It goes into some details about all sorts of road safety stuff for various groups, then down in the motorcycle section all it says is please see the Spokes (TAC) website. Sounds like another circlejerk to me but if theres anything useful to be learned from it maybe its not such a bad thing.

    Make of that what you will.
  5. In fact, for an invite to something thats been adressed to bikers,

    There is more information related to a big billboard trailer immediately available on that page than there is for bikers. I smell a rat.
  6. Don't be sucked in
    If you go there, remember it would be TAC initiative so they will be running their agenda ie speed etc.
    Calling all bikers please avoid and actively discourage all and sundry to attend as a protest to the TAC and its ilk.
    Nothing wrong with a boycott imho.
    the more riders are encouraged to boycott them until they change their modus operandi the better, It's time to fight BACK
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  7. Too late for some!

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  8. Cheers to Smee and Justus. I was about to call a friend of mine and suggest she had a look at it, but all links lead back to TAC.
  9. Pass on the message on other forums etc to boycott these gatherings if they have TAC links or vision zero etc.
    It's about time to let these fukkers know we will not be lied to and their message is the wrong one.
  10. Then again attend and debunk all the TAC BS being presented??
  11. I wonder what would happen if a couple of bikers showed up wherever it is with great big "CAUTION PROPAGANDA AHEAD" placards..
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  13. Stay away from this shit . Just by attending your giving the TAC figures.

    If you think your going to turn up just to work against them . They will spin it for their own benefit . Example :

    "" 50 riders attend TAC funded Program with a focus on speed ( possibly didn't tell you that at the time )

    TAC engaging with riders ( 20 riders turn up in Kevlar jeans )""
    But rides not getting the message on protective gear .Why are riders taking such risks

    Hang on " I was wearing leather jacket . $200 gloves .mc boots .

    Yes you just got f##ked by the TAC propaganda machine
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  14. I have nothing to do with the organisation of it, as I said said I was sent it and just passed the info on. As it has been said take it as you will.

    I personally found it alright last year as they asked the floor for questions and comments and weren't just there spruking their own message.
  15. And how did that work out for us with their latest ad from those same forums they claim as consultation??
    just do as asked here.