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Melody is in the Ear of the Listener

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Al_Cam, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Bikes come with all sorts of motors and exhausts. I admire the precision purr of a Japanese 4 cylinder with a quiet exhaust, or the growl of a twin. I get that some like the sound of a big Harley with not much muffling. I’ve even trained my better half to recognise the sound of a Ducati coming down the street.

    I’ve read discussions about some loving the sound of an open clutch cover on their Ducati & some quite disparaging of the sound. But walking through the city the other day I saw a bloke on a Hypermotard stopped at the lights with a clutch cover that was mostly air. To me it sounded like there was a tin can loosely tied to the crank. It might light his wick, but not for this little black duck.

    Probably been floating around for some time but saw this on Facebook.

    ducati rattle.
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  2. At first the sound made me turn my head in order to see pistons flying everywhere and gnashing of teeth coupled with pools of tears. But once I learned what it was I've come to like it and now turn my head at the excitement of seeing a Ducati ride by.
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  3. I know of a very experienced rider and licensed mechanic who recently assembled and fitted a clutch for his '95 Ducati 916. Once fitted and the with the bike started he was dismayed to hear the distinctive rattle - to the point that he looked at a number of YouTube videos of the same thing before accepting that it was typical of that clutch. I like the sound of them but it is a bit odd at first.
  4. They are quite loud if you sit in neutral with the clutch out but a fair bit quieter when sitting with the clutch held in. Either way they are distinctive and we can't be accused of riding "beige" bikes . Dry clutches actually serve a purpose they do not contaminate your engine oil as they wear , they are quick and easy to change when worn out and they are super quick acting not being a slipper type clutch. Mind you some of the aftermarket spoked open style covers are a bit OTT in my mind. When you hit the open road and open the taps that Ducati engine noise is soooo good.
  5. Isn't that particular model a wet clutch? Or is that an 1198?

    They all kinda look the same....*ducks head*
  6. Probably wrong about the model. Motard type, Strada-ish. Don't get me wrong lurve Ducatis. My next will be one come hell or high water. The music of them being part of the attraction. Just not one with a clutch cover that would make a spider think it was over-engineered.
  7. We have a festival of Italian grumbling whenever we start up the "buttons" bikes. The V Twin Ape and the L Twin Duke sure do sound like a rough and ready orchestra - ready to let fly. Gotta love it!
  8. Referring to the one in the picture. I think the Hypermotard is a dry clutch. Although I will defer my knowledge to the latte aficionados.