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Melbs, Major Newbie!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shmeestar, Jun 7, 2015.

  1. Hi All,
    Got my learners 2 weeks ago after having never ridden a bike before, loved it! Now am looking to get my first bike. Looking at Yamaha xv 250, I know its kinda a typical learner bike, but I definitely think I am more of a cruiser than a sports bike person (I kept wanting to sit upright when doing the course, plus I get neck pain if I have to look up for too long). I'm thinking second-hand but not knowing a lot about bikes its kinda nerve racking but also means it'll be cheaper to start that way (and I wont feel as guilty if I drop it). Another problem I foresee is how to get the bike home from wherever I get it? Does anyone have any recommendations/tips/tricks/hints? I've been looking up quite a bit of stuff but it's not quite the same as doing it.

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  2. Welcome ShmeestarShmeestar No need to apologise for the type of bike that suits you. To quote Life of Brian "We're all individuals" pauses for cries of "I'm not" :)

    If you are nervous about buying second hand you can have the bike checked out by someone else. Many members here are happy to come along and give you a second opinion. You can also pay for this as a service from a professional and they may be able transport the bike home for you. One of our members streetmasterstreetmaster runs a mobile mechanics business and may be able to help you with this.

    Are you short or tall? Being able to flatfoot the bike definitely helps. Some people of smaller stature have problems with very tall bikes. What part of Melbourne do you live in? Knowing that may help someone local to you say if they can help.

    When you are ready Saturday Morning practioce in Elwood is very good value to get tips and pointers.
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  3. Thanks CJVFR,
    Moving house next week to Ivanhoe area, not sure what the spread of members is like around there but hopefully someone is local as I would love a hand. I'm about 170cm I think? Looking at that cycle-ergo website I should be able to flat foot pretty easy on the yamaha, admittedly I haven't tried sitting on one yet to test that theory. Getting a second opinion buying second hands a great idea, not sure how people are with letting learners (with only learner course experience) test ride!
  4. People are getting very funny about test rides now days. Often they will want a deposit just in case you damage the bike.

    I am in Greensborough so not to far from Ivanhoe. I can't really help you with checking bikes out, it is not really my expertise, I can offer you an escort down to Saturday practice when you get a bike though. :)
  5. Thanks for the offer, I am likely to take you up on it when I get set up!
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  6. Welcome aboard ShmeestarShmeestar :] second hand is definitely a good idea, you will save on dollars & angst if you drop it.

    Try sitting on as many bikes as you can, like you I had a preference for the cruiser and had done the old sit on it with the virago, v-star, boulevard 250's before I came across my little EL on Ebay.

    I also new zip about bikes (still do :ROFLMAO:) so I used netrider & found Brett of Madbiker, a guy that will do all the work for you and give you a phone call & full report on your beastie of choice & speaking personally it was money well spent :).

    I rode my bike home but had a mate in a car behind me.

    All the best on your search
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  7. Would you folk recommend I take one of those defensive riding/post-learner courses? They are pretty expensive ($300) which is more than I paid for my learners course. Do you know if it's worth it?
  8. Further training is usually worthwhile. I think you should get some road time first though or you may not adsorb the information. Who were you intending to use for the training?
  9. Wasn't really sure who, most of them aren't in the easiest locations to get to, thought I'd do some stuff down local quiet streets before trying out the Learner group rides advertised on here. Problem is getting to them of course.

    Any tips for good places to get gear? Or good gear brands?
  10. G'day Schmeestar, welcome to NR.

    A new-ish/low kilometres second-hand bike might be the way to go? The suggestion of sitting on as many bikes as you can to see which feels best for you is the way to go. The same goes for riding gear, especially helmets.

    Also with helmets, getting a pin-lock (anti-fogging) compatible model is a something you'll be glad to have on cold or rainy days. Heated handlebar grips are also a wonderful thing to have at this time of year - some bikes will have them already fitted or they are a relatively inexpensive accessory to have installed.
  11. Thanks XJ6N, what would your definition of newish be? Haha.
    Has anyone heard of divalo? They make motorcycle gear, there's a shop out near where I am currently living and wondering if its worth checking out, can't find much info on the brand online, not sure that's a good thing.
  12. Yes...it's a bit of a hard one to define. I bought my bike when it was under two years old and with 5,500 kilometres for about $3,000 less than a new model so that's probably one idea of what new-ish might be. Having said that and at around the same time, I know of someone who bought a 2009 Honda CB400 SF with about 30,000 kilometres and that was in pristine, fully-serviced condition and I'd also call that new-ish too.
  13. Howdy & Welcome to NR!

    Peter Stevens in town has lots of bargains, as do AMX..
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  14. Welcome aboard. Looks like you are settling in nicely :)
  15. Welcome to NR...

    These forums are fantastic so you'll get a lot of help.

    I would recommend that you sort out your gear by visiting AMX or Peter Stevens..read up on the forums regarding sizing, brands etc.

    Come on down to the Saturday practice.. And it's ok even if you don't have a bike yet.

    All the best...
  16. Hi
    Hi and welcome to NR. Amx and Peter Stevens for gear. Helmet buy new you may find second hand gear on hereas in jacket . Jeans (kevlar) and or gloves. Size dependant of course. Bikewi s e. You WILL cry if you scratch or drop your NEW bike. We all have :( . So whilst learning a second hand bike isnt such s bsd idea. Sat morning practice at Elwood is HIGhLY recommended.. you will br surprises
    where netriders live. Offers of help will always be on hand. Its s great community of people that enjoy riding. Just ask :)
  17. Thanks everyone, I'll definitely be checking out peter Stevens and AMX in the near future
  18. Welcome ShmeestarShmeestar ! I'm 155cm and can easily flat foot it on the XV250 as it was going to be my first choice but decided I didn't like the riding position. So for you it should be a snack. :happy:
  19. Welcome ShmeestarShmeestar the XV250 is definitely a nice bike - but the most important factor for any bike you buy is - is it comfortable for riding - as GoldenberriGoldenberri said if you don't like the riding position it isn't the bike for you :D
  20. Thanks everyone.
    Goldenberri, is that because it's upright position? I kept wanting to sit upright on the bikes for the learner course so I think that style would suit me, guess I'll find out when I try it out!