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Melbourne's water situation - 10yrs Graphed!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Check out this interactive graph


    The current storage level is about where we left off at the end of last year. 10 years ago we had about 100% capacity.... :shock:

    I'm loving the weather, but we reaaaaalllllyyyy need some rain.

    Keep up the water conservation folks.
  2. welcome to the change in weather patterns as has been occuring for the past couple of centuries.

    Water conservation does nothing in the long term. You have an expanding population and residential premesis volume. Each 25% in increase will double the water consumption.

    Cities like Melbourne need to consider more effective water capture and recycling infrastructure along with de-salination plants, if it wants to continue.

    In times of past, many cultures have up'ed thier stumps and moved villages and towns because of changing water supplies. As that's not going to happen with Melbourne, we need to manage more supply and pretty soon as it stands.

    Some quick facts.

    85% of all storm water passes straight out to the bay!
    Pipe leakage in our infrastructure accounts for about 10%-15% losses annually.
    Lack of catchment management sees 30% of run off sit and evaporate.

    Flushing that toilet twice is the least of the problems.
  3. I don't entirely agree with what pro-Pilot sais on the matter, but without having the rainfall numbers over those years we would be jumping the gun to attempt any form of causal analysis from that data.

    But either way, something has to change or we are screwed, and we can’t effect the rain forcasts in the short term so something else is going to have to change. I am not a fan of the current desalinization plans as they stand, but there are other alternatives

    [EDIT]Though interestingly looking at that data 2000 - 2005 was actually quite stable.[/EDIT]
  4. Propilot, not withstanding those facts, surely you can't be arguing that there's no point each water user conserving/using less water???! :?

    Must say I'm pretty surprised at your cavalier post. How can using less and saving more be a bad thing??? :?

    My work place is one of Victoria's largest water consumers. It and the VIC Government are about to spend up big to access recycled water streams/facilities in Melbourne's west. We're talking gigalitres freed up. How is that a bad thing?

    I definitely agree storm water should be better utilised and piping maintenance needs a kick up the butt to stop losses/leaks. Catchment logging needs to stop too... all that regrowth sucks water up and reduces runoff.

    FL - didn't suggest there was causal analysis available in the data.
  5. I don't know much about water situation in Melbourne but here in Sydney shortages are well documented with permanent water restrictions and much mass-media hysteria created on the topic.

    Well, this is what I know:

    - Sydney had water shortages and rationing as far back as the 40s. So, what was done about it? F***-all, that's what. In the meantime, population has grown from around 1 million to nearly 5 million, still served by the same system.

    - Sydney is getting plenty of water, as much as ever. That's SYDNEY, not the catchment area. So whose bright idea was it to create the catchment area in possibly the driest area of the state ?

    We should worry less about conserving water, and concentrate on stringing politicians and decision makers from the lamp-posts for a change.
  6. you work for Coke or Pepsi...???? :LOL:
  7. Sorry rob, was just getting in early before people start to draw conclusions from it.
  8. Neither Smitty :)

    FWIW, I found the graph interesting hence me posting it up.

    I'm finding it hard to fathom any argument that says don't worry about conservation.

    No argument about there having been some crap decisions in the past - still a 500% increase in population for the same water supply system... that's pretty amazing... no doubt it's gotta be stretching the friendship!!

    No probs F-L. The only conclusion I think that can be drawn is that the storage levels have dropped in the last 10yrs! Oh and you could probably infer some rainfall patterns by the gradients of the curves. Note the level has stopped rising at the moment... we haven't had any meaningful rain recently....
  9. Sydney has similar problems. Many years ago the greedy government banned water tanks on houses on all sorts of flimsy health reasons, so now every drop of rainwater that falls in the Sydney basin goes straight out to sea.

    Of course the REAL reason was so everysne had to buy water from the government.

    NOW the climate change nervous-nellies are saying we've all got to have tanks, and paying a pittance subsidy for people to put them in. But the government itself is doing nothing to trap the run-off; instead it now wants to spend a billion dollars and god-knows how many billions more on electricity, to build a de-salination plant and treat it AFTER it's run out to sea!!!

    And the green lobby has been successful in disuading any government from enhancing the capacity of Warragamba Dam, much less to build a new one in an area where more rain falls than at Silverdale.
  10. I just had to laugh at all the people who proclaimed the drought was over when we had the 1 really wet week in July.

    The fact of the matter is that our water levels are about 10% less than what they were at this same time last year and we have recorded one of our driest winters on record.

    It all adds up to "were in deep sh1t". The Governemnt should have been looking at what to do 5 years ago, not 5 months ago. The desal plant should already be in operation. As somebody who uses Lake Eildon for recreational activities, we could se this happening years ago, but the Govt didnt want to know.

    Afterall, how many years ago was it that quite a number of coucnils avtually banned people putting in storm water tanks. Now they offer rebates to put them in. Talk about no forethought.
  11. nah he is just saying that the amount that is wasted by bigger things is a hellovalot more than what difference we can make by sharing a bath with your brother...
  12. Nah, it would have to be Fosters .. they make the most watered down stuff :LOL:
  13. My boss decided to put in a tank at work which has a huge storage shed, perfect. Butr to qualify for the govt rebate it has to be installed by a licenced plumber. Where the hell is the incentive in that?

    Some of the catchment areas in Gippsland are now running as low as 6% of their capacity.
  14. At the last International Landcare Conference, it was stated that Coca Cola Amatil had the goal of providing 10% of the world's drinking resources within the next ten years....scary, really scary....privatisation of public goods 'n' all!

    I should comment more thoroughly (after working for the Victorian Catchment Management Authority), but I'm still thinking about it. water issues are so closely intrerlinked with so many others it gets very complicated between human, economic, and natural resource management too quickly....and I've had about half a slab of three ravens beer!

    Remember...save water - drink beer!

  15. true, but I'm going for BHP steel or alcoa...