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Melbournes Hwy patrol tv show

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Willzah, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. If you missed todays show, the cops pulled over 2 bogans in a unreg car with fake plates. and they had a few drinks. they were pushing the car off the street into a parking lot so the car wouldnt be booked for illegal parking. when pushing it, one of the cops goes "watch out for my bike!!!" and one of the bogans says "awww its alright, its only a bmw anyway"

  2. score! lol
  3. Biggest issue I think is that we share the roads daily with all the idiots who appear in this programme :eek:

    Almost makes you want to not get in the car/bike and go out on the road with them 8-[
  4. To be a show accurately representing the highway patrol, shouldn't 99% of each episode be them booking a wide variety of everyday people for travelling 7km/hr over the limit whilst they make their way to and from work or trying to make a living.
  5. Nah, everyone knows that the police only ever perform useful tasks. Don't be such a cynic, Dev.
  6. You'd reckon.

    When: Sunday just gone.
    Where: Princes Freeway West, Longwarry Intersection (about 50 mins east of Melbourne, roughly)
    What Happened: Car pulls onto freeway, out of Longwarry Road forcing traffic to brake and to merge to avoid a collision.

    100m up the road a traffic cop has the radar out. He didn't flinch. He merely kept the radar on the oncoming traffic to make sure that they slow from 110 km/h down to 100 km/h. Presumably.

    I point to the guy and back to the car which could have caused mayhem and mouthed, "well?"

    Yeah, so long as you're not "speeding" then everything's hunky dory, hey?

    This intersection is dangerous in so many ways. I have yet to be able to pass through it without some stupid twat zapping across in front of me, or pulling onto the freeway in front of me (had two cars do it, one of them moved into the right lane forcing the guy next to me to brake heavily).

    They pull these stupid and risky stunts despite there being little traffic behind us. Why can't they wait a few extra seconds them proceed onto a clear road?

    What is ironic about it is that the intersection in question on one side has no towns coming from it. It all has to be local traffic. But there always seems to be a lot of it and when I'm passing through.

    A month or two earlier a similar thing to the above happened to me but going in the other direction. On the other side of the road was a parked divvy van.

    After my Murray's Corner braking duel to avoid t-boning yet another moron, and having calmed down after giving the ****head a blast of the horn, flash of the lights and the bird, suddenly the divvy van screams past. Beauty, he's gonna book this cockhead.

    Nope. He "didn't see it" or ignored it and kept going, presumably either to catch Maccas before knockoff or to another job, perhaps.

    I should set up the video camera to video this intersection. Then hopefully I can collect enough evidence so the the local TMU can act on it. Or if they don't, forward it to whatever media outlets, ESD, OPI or whoever will take notice of it.

    Sorry for the rant but lately we've been driving down to Melbourne and back visiting daughter and new grand kids. And I'm sick of it.