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Melbourne's Hook Turns explained

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pvda, May 3, 2007.

  1. Stumbled across this while looking for something else and thought I'd share it with the rest of you, especially those interstate who are forever getting it wrong when they visit Melbourne.

    Click here

    Click on the stop button followed by the play button to make it all work.

    Take note of how some of the cars behave.......
  2. I don't know how many near-misses that would have saved me when I moved down there to live in '82 :roll:.
  3. lol, they even have the black red light runner!
  4. This needs to be circulated (anyone have contacts at VicRoads?) to every road user in the Melbourne metro area.

    most of the homicidal maniacs that get it wrong on a daily basis appear to be regular commuters :shock:
  5. and the Red one who takes off before the green.......
  6. Also, relatively recently they introduced a modification to the hook turn law - cars turning right from the left lane may complete their turn on a green light provided there is no traffic coming either way.

    And a polite wave to the silver car who demonstrated how to perform this about two months ago; A halfarsed mirror check before turning right in front of a Spots, after failing to notice him. Nice.

    Edit: Ignore this, I've looked at VicRoads and cannot find any reference to this amendment/modification.
  7. When did this happen? Hmmm... It's a good idea.
  8. I'm pretty new to Victoria, but friends who've lived here for a while say it happened only a few years ago.

    I'm not 100% sure it's a good idea. Yes, it makes sense and saves people time, but you end up with situations where the hook-turning car "assumes" that nobody is coming, or does a halfarsed mirror check, and ends up being T-boned by whoever is legitimately driving through the intersection.
  9. Hmm.

    I'm looking at the VicRoads site and cannot find any reference to the 'amendment'. All pages state very specifically that the vehicle performing the hook turn must wait until the light turns green on the road they are turning onto.
  10. Can't say i've ever heard about any amendment either... it would just make it more likely that someone will drive out in front of another car cos they didn't look properly.
  11. I think the less it's explained, the better.
    I know it can be a danger and frustrating as well, but it's fcuking funny watching people lose their minds when they're stuck behind someone trying to do a regular turn in a hook turn intersection :LOL:
  12. yeah there are too many out there who don't know how to hook turn, it makes it f*cking scary, especially when you know your not very visible, and you got some assh*les going thru read lights, whilst someones beeping at you from behind, whilst impatient idiots are trying to go thru the green before you've completed the turn