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Melbourne Wreckers?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Hey all

    I'm looking for a new rear wheel for the Hornet 900 after a bearing disintegrated and took out part of the hub (Like this).

    So, I thought I'd check the wreckers' yards before looking to shell out on a bloody expensive new one. Can anyone give me the names/numbers of wreckers around the place?

  2. Hi Loz, Fido here! :LOL:

    Try Sydney wreckers too, freight wouldn't be much for an alloy wheel.
  3. Loz, try these guys,

    Metropolitan Motorcycle Spares
    90 Silverwater Rd, Silverwater, NSW, 2128
    02 9748 7400

    Have a couple of stunter buddies who use these guys all the time, and both my son and I have bought of them in the past.

    reliable and cheaper than melbourne wreckers.
  4. there is also another wrecker in Richmond - thompson st. Im not sure of the number but they seem to have everything when i needed it.
  5. i think id be having a quiet talk to mr honda .... thats pretty discraceful for a 3 year old bike ... unless you ride the sahara on a regular basis
  6. Loz. Get a price from the wreckers of how much a second hand wheel is then send me a PM of the price. I'll try my best to sort something out for you.
  7. As Loz has said in his story the bearing was making a lot of noise before it failed. Its nothing to do with Honda's engineering that the bearing has failed. Its down to lack of maintaniance. When the bearing has failed it's a fair bit of metal that has to get spat out somewhere. The wheel is the weakest point due to it being cast so thats what has broken to let the ball bearings escape. Get a hammer and try flatten a ball bearing then put up a post and tell me how you went. You will then understand why a failed bearing was able to break a cast wheel.
  8. well i dont know about anyone else .......... but all i can see is the post where he asked for a wreckers aand the pic of it ..... theres no post telling the story i have 1 page ........ and him asking about wreckers is the first post
  9. Go and see "Loz's adventure with bogus parts". (I could put a link in here but I just cant be arsed)
  10. i could go read it too .......... but i cant be arsed ... ill just gaze into my crystal ball next time i read a post to see where the rest is written
  11. Yeah it's purely maintenance cats... And the bike was booked in with Redwing for a service tomorrow morning too. Just bad luck, bad timing.

    (I've changed the rear tyre twice in the last 1500 clicks too, I'd have thought the tyre guy would at least give the bearings a twist with his finger... But anyway.)

    I'll get on the phone today, and send you what info I find Pete. Cheers.
  12. ooooohhhhhhhhhh someone hasn't had their coffee this morning have they!
  13. If that's the case, I'd call it a blessing of sorts. :wink:
  14. Whaddya know, I called every bugger in Victoria (according to the directory, white and yellow pages) and got bugger-all, and it turned out these blokes in NSW have one right there.

    Sigh. Mental note: try Nobby's advice first next time. :)
    Cheers bro.
  15. Still makes me wonder what went wrong...
    Never seen/ heard anything like it. A dry/ damaged/worn bearing would run hot, eventually seize, lockup. But to bust the bearing seat...what the hell went wrong in there?
    Question to Pete the Pom: Could things get hot enough to bust the seat-lip ?
    Expansion rates would be different, there'd also be a fair bit of thermal transfer into the cast of the rim (which of course has a big dispersion surface).
    The temp-diff between the parts causing the cracking?
    Rotational forces making the bearing-balls jump eachother (which would rather happen in the vertical, not the horizontal plane)?
    Just curious, that's all...
  16. Told ya they were good, we do have trouble getting Kwaka parts from em, something about Kwaka's being more reliable... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :wink:
  17. So. how much you up for?
  18. I must admit it the first time I've seen it on a road bike but its common on trail/off road bikes that get exposed to high dirt/dust use. I think Loz must have been ignoring the noise it was making because that bearing would have been letting him know it was going to let go for a long time. It is possable that it will burst the outer cage. Its a case of bad luck to be honest. 99% of the time it will just colapse and spit the bits out the side but if the bits were to start crashing in to one another and have no where to go then the force will brake the outer cage. Like I said in an eariler post go hit the ball bearing with a hammer and see what damage you do then get an empty cage and hit that with a hammer and see which one will brake.
    Loz said he had a mechanic take his wheel off twice in the last 1500k's. How he hasn't picked up on the bearing failing is beyond me? This bearing in question would have been giving clear signs of failure a long time ago.
    There is a lesson to be learnt here. Lack of maintanance has turned $30 worth of bearings and half an hours labour in to a $900 wheel replacment. Maintain your bikes guys or it will cost you in the long run.