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Melbourne weather ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mick No:8, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Gez it was so windy today in Melbourne, took a ride and got push all over the road. Should have seen me on the freeway head down, ass up all the way. Was woundering is there any way of stopping this from happen again? Was to scared to even lane spite, the wind might 've push me into a car in the next lane.

  2. relax your grip on the bars and go with the flow, leaning into the wind if its a predictable cross wind will also help. Dont bother spliting if you not confident with the weather conditions as that little voice saying dont do it was probably right :wink:
  3. just relax :)

    i actually enjoy the wind. makes for some fun riding. see how well u can control the bike, by adding input to balance the force of the wind. and stop the input when the gust stops.

    but as has been said before, relax on the bars, and grip the tank with your knees more. go with the flow, and leeean into it :grin:
  4. Very challenging riding when it's very very windy and i quite enjoy it so long as it's not an all day thing.
    Great for tuning up the reflexes.
    As everyone else says relax your stance and ride it through and be aware of gusts or sudden lack of and which can throw you about a bit.
    Try riding on the Westgate bridge with a force 10 gale FUN :shock:
  5. The first time you experience it, it sure can scare you shitless :eek:hno:
    +1 to everyone's advice, and I'd say a good choice NOT to split.
    After a while, it wont be as scarey, it becomes a challenge, with a dash of concern. It still keeps me on my toes.
    I've heard sticking a knee out toward the gale can help .. I've tried it but haven't really noticed any difference.

  6. Just got back after been out on the bike this morning. Met a mate at 7:00a in Ferntree Gully, we headed to Belgrave / Woori Yallork / Healesville / Yarra Glen. We did about 120 kms in the rain / wind / etc - I had a ball.

    Sometimes it's nice to get out whatever the weather is :)
  7. Yeah it's been bloody windy that's for sure!

    At least the swell's been crankin'! :)
  8. Stick your knee out into the wind on the side that the wind is blowing on. ie. if wind is gusting from the right, stick your right knee out. Get it out as far as you can do it. It'll look silly, but it works.

    I find that it dramatically reduces the effect of the gusting pushing the bike sideways.