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Melbourne Weather Today.............

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by paulm_collins, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. So who was brave enough to ride into work today ????

    I came in early this morning and missed the downpour.

    Thinking about leaving early this afternoon to miss the predicted severe storm thats apparently on its way.........
    I dont like the sound of the LARGE hailstones !!!
  2. pussy.
  3. Yep road in...
    But hadn't checked the weather report...
    So Roading hime in my Mesh jacket and Harnies could get a ted wet.
  4. Just ran in and out to drop a job off and missed the rain but I could see it had been big.

    Anyone going down Queens Road, be warned! Stay away from the outside lanes because the drains are blocked and there are HUGE lakes in the gutters, some of which take up 3/4 of the lane.
  5. I did because I had to be there in a hurry and now my undies are still wet. :-(
  6. yep. 65 km of rain and stupid drivers...oh fun :roll:

    at least it looks like the rain will be gone for the trip home
  7. shorts and a dri-rider..... all hanging up in front of the fan at work. wasn't fun this morning at all.
  8. Yep managed to get part of the way in before the rain set in. Traffic was surprisingly good and thanks to my gear, didn't get wet.
  9. With the rain bucketing down furiously, the roads begun to look like shallow rivers. Visibility was extremely poor and the sound of rain belting overhead was unbearable.
    I rode to work with my mesh gloves, Octane jacket ( no liner ) and Draggins. :shock:

    ...That was my experience as I sat watching from work :p
    I missed it all by about an hour :biker:
  10. The rain was awful this morning on my way in.
    I wimped out and drove.
    The thunder was right above my head at one point - quite scary really!
    I had my windscreen wipers on as fast as they would go and still couldnt see anything in front of me, except for the faint red dots when the car in front of me braked.
  11. Take a tennis raquet for self defence!

    Clutchless changes, no worries, bro.
  12. Hey, bit of a noob question, but how does the rain affect a leather jacket? I just got my jacket yesterday, and am yet to get a bike. But i'm just wondering, is it really bad for it? Is it waterproof? Sorry if these are really noob questions but i dunno.
  13. just had a look at the BOM radar and there's very decent size heavy rain (lots of red) just passing through Geelong now (2:20) but it looks like heading mainly across the bay and missing most of the central/north part of Melb - I'd have a good look at the radar before heading out this arvo though...
  14. Brief/light Rain - not really a problem, especially if you've treated the leather

    Heavy Rain - Water will soak through the leather and when it dries it'll set rock hard and need to be re-oiled to soften back up. Also quite possible for the dye on some leathers to run staining you and whatever else is under your leathers (gloves seem particularly bad for this).
  15. Look at this radar image .. never seen so much reds.

    And yes I rode today :cool:

  16. To ease the minds of those riding home,
    Melbourne Airport is expecting thunderstorms and rain between 3.30pm and 5.30pm - just in time for 'home-time' Who says god doesn't have a sense of humor? :LOL:

    Another noobie question if I may: How well do visors clear in the rain? I haven't had my first rain ride yet, and today isn't going to be the day.....
    But tomorrow a.m. I go for my full licence test, gulp! :shock:
  17. Not very well by them selves.

    i did my test in the wet too...i just rode it with the visor up..at least i could see then

    my wet weather gloves have a wiper strip (just like a car wiper blade) for clearing the visor..

    if you do wipe your visor... do it in vertical strokes. aparrently if it leaves scratches (hopefully it doesn't) vertial ones are not as noticible at night...in other words..horiziontal one can refract light a lot (ie tail light etc at night and make it harder to see... I was told this..but i've nevver seen the effect so i can't really say if its true.
  18. Pissing down in Bacchus right now (with hail).

    So brace yourselves for the ride home, coz it's comin'!
  19. I've noticed that when going 80km/h+ if I slightly turn my head to the left for 2 seconds then to the right for 2 seconds the rain tends to run off making it a bit clearer.
  20. Bugger!!!

    Guess who has to ride into that :evil: :evil: