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Melbourne Weather Today Again

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by slickncghia, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. Yes, but I'm a complete povo and I had no other choice

  2. Yes, I couldve taken the car but I'm all man baby

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  3. No, are you kidding it might rain.... i wouldve messed up $60 haircut

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  4. No, I dont usually ride or i am not from melbourne but just like answering polls

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  1. The Melbourne BOM advised a severe weather warning and thunderstorms.

    Who of the Melbourne crew manned the fcuk up and rode in to work today after yesterdays floods

  2. I would have ridden but events unrelated to teh weather have conspired against me.
  3. i believe that would fall under option 3 there mate
  4. I fall under none of the above. I'm driving today, but only because I am having a few after work drinks and am on restrictions.

    If I could have ridden, I would have ridden but circumstances conspired against me.

    I actually had a bit of fun riding down the Monash freeway where some sections were only passable in the right emergency lane. I wouldn't mind more of the same today.
  5. I did, as it toke me as long to get home yesterday in the pouring rain as it does in the dry......all those poor suckers stuck in the cages in ques of traffic....good i love riding :grin:

    Was actually one of the most peaceful commutes home i have had in ages.....no dodging/spliting at high speeds, just a slow steady stream of splitting ques from out the back of dandy back to rowville :wink:
  6. pussy :LOL: :p
  7. I value my license enough not to tempt fates by drink riding whilst on restrictions.
  8. hahaha :popcorn:

    i shouldve just put

    1. yes, i like having intercourse with members of the opposite sex
    2. pussy
  9. I always ride in no matter what the weather.

    Thats what owning a bike is all about........... :)
  10. Worked back yesterday for an hour, when I would normally have ridden home it was bucketing down, then when I left was riding behind the storm and the roads were clean and cagers were actually behaving themselves.
  11. I ride no matter the weather. Of course, like most riders i much prefer when the roads are warm and dry but a little bit of water doesnt scare me...

    The storm yesterday however, was something i havent seen since i was a kid :shock: I got caught in the middle of it and had to pull over into a servo because i could not see 2 metres in front of me!!!
    I then had to buy, YES you read correctly, BUY a garbage bag to wrap my backpack in from 2 tighta$$ f*ckers!

    Surely you would see a terrential downpour, a girl on a motorbike, dripping wet trying to get home in peak hour, you would think any decent human would have said, here you go....

    But No....., the losers made me pay $2 for a f*cking garbage bag :evil:

    ok end rant/

    Other than that, i ended up having fun riding through lakes (they were too big to be classified as puddles lol)
  12. Well there's more of it coming like yesterdays deluge! Going thru Bacchus again now. My wife said she had a dream that Pykes creek reservoir was full and at this rate she could be right!
  13. Option 1 fits me pretty much. I don't have a car or car license, so the only other option (if you could call it that) would have been public transport.

    Fairly used to Melbourne's weather I have to say. :wink:
  14. heh, i flew me mum and my sister down to tassie today! wasn't that interesting!
  15. I'm actually old enough to remember that far back :LOL:
  16. You need another option. "I'm so manly and tough I wore my summer textiles for my daily commute." So maybe I didn't check BOM.... but, meh it's just some water. Hail and 70km/hr + winds on the other hand... well that's when I just get real comfy no matter where I am.
  17. well that makes two of us Port :LOL: dri-rider tough
    with the liners out LOL
    well it was sunny this morning!!!
    I am so tough I am woman hear me roar

  18. ok

    Ok, well I admit I took the car which is very unnusual for me. But c'mon, there's rain and then there's RAIN!
  19. lol. i was watching BOM radar, was busy at home and trying to time my run to work at the last moment before the rain. i got about 5min from home in a 15min ride, and it P!SSED down.

    stuck at the lights, and the cager next to me looked over in pity. i gave him a thumbs down n he laughed. did i mention i was just in the summer leathers? the vents worked lol.

    my A* waterproof boots are awesome, they dont let any water in.... except for the hole at the top where ur foot goes in :LOL: damn tight leathers wont tuck out of the boots.

    oh and the santa hat on my helmet looked like a red drowned rat :cool:

    but yeah like a few others, my bike is my car, and the train sucks the big one :)
  20. I rode through both storms and didnt stop, oh I also have no car.