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Melbourne vs queensland

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by SirHunts, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. Weekend away! Where's the better to go? Ive never really been to either!

    What can you do at either place?

  2. Want to see a city, go to Melbourne

    Wanna see good weather (well usually), beaches, mountains without snow, etc etc QLD.
  3. do u mean Melbourne or Brisbane? Brisbane has good night life and good weather, its where id go. but Melbourne is great too.

    Are you going alone?
  4. Depends what your after.
    Beach boob and good food. You cant beat the Sunshine coast QLD.
    lap bars good pubs and spot the white man. Melbourne cant be beat.
  5. Come to Melbourne and wind your clock back an hour
    Go to Brisbane and wind your clock back 10 years
  6. Melbourne is like sydney but much worse in just about every way.

    I would say go to Queensland or simply get a nice hotel in the city and have a huge night out in Sydney. it is defiantly a better option then Melbourne.
  7. wanna be cultured, enjoy humidity free weather, best food in australia? Melbourne can not be beat, and yes it does have less rainy days then sydney lol
  8. You can get fined in Melbourne. You can get a sun tan in Queensland. Should be simple. :p
  9. Please yourself, Melbournians don't care.
  10. Brisbane has Mt Nebo/Glorious/Mee, that pretty much says it all for a rider. :)
  11. And that my friends, is why everyone except Victorians hate Melbourne.

    If you want a decent place to go, skip both Brisbane and Melbourne. Stretch the legs and go to Tassie.
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    @op. If you end up deciding to go to Melbourne, beware of hook turns :p
  13. They both suck..
  14. Thanks for replies

    It's with missus to have short time off work!

    I'm more keen on the sun of south east Queensland, but she wants melbourne!

    So mostly just looking for things to do in either to really set the decision!

    Any recommendations on places to stay?
  15. we've already got enough bloody sydneysiders. go to melbourne:censored::cheeky::cheeky::D
  16. I'm an ex sunny coaster now living in melbourne. This time of year, sunny coast is great if you're coming from south of the border and want to chill, hit the beach, have a quiet beer, etc. Plenty of talent getting about. Weather is usually great this time of year with not much rain and is warm enough to get around in shirt shorts & thongs.

    Melbourne is great also but in a different way....great bars, food & nightlife. If that's your sort of thing there is no comparison, Melbourne wins hands down. Also if you're into that aerial ping pong crap, Melbs is definitely buzzing at the moment with AFL finals.