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Melbourne v Sydney

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by StRider, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I little while ago I attended a course frequented by a number of nationalities, including a few Canadians and a few from the US. Anyhow they were discussing the differences between the two nations, and it occured to me that all the "comparisons" were being done by the Canadians. We discussed this, and it was apparent that the US people really didn't give a stuff about Canada, even if the Canadians seems almost obsessed with the topic.

    It occured to me that it's the same in Australia between Sydney and Melbourne. For some reason those from Melbourne always seem to want to compare the two cities, yet people in Sydney couldn't give a stuff about Melbourne for the most part. Couldn't give a stuff.

    Do the Melbourne people realise this? Is it an inferiority complex on their part? Is it an attempt to stand on their own two feet, now that Sydney is far more important than Melbourne (it was the other way around once upon a time).

    What do people think? Have any Sydneysiders noticed this too?

    (No offence meant, I am genuinely curious. Being from Sydney I am a little amused, sure, but mainly curious :LOL: )
  2. I find it funny that a sydney sider was the one that want to compare and thinks about this stupid shit :roll:
  3. Thank you, that's the kind of answer I expected. Very good. :roll:
  4. Americans are largely unaware that anything exists outside their borders. Could it be that Sydneysiders are the same?

    By the way, Melbourne's economic and population growth rate is currently predicted to surpass Sydney's within a decade...
  5. OK - Now I am here.

    It wasn't until just recently that I realized that there was a problem between Sydney and Melbourne. As a matter of fact I rarely gave it a thought.

    But, then I went to a Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Summit in Canberra a few months ago and the Sydney guys started to jump all over me - they came on so strong I couldn't believe it.

    Then AMCN started to get into the act with their anti-Vic sentiments. Seems we really don't live in the same country.....:eek:

    Funny thing is - before they got started I couldn't have cared less. After listening to their whinging I get the impression they are really green with envy...... :p
  6. Having lived in both I would say that all Sydneysiders are all either gay, arrogant or westies. Melbourne people are much more civilised and heaps better motorcyclists. :wink:
  7. OK children, I didn't mean for this to become an argument about which one is better (for the most part, we made our choice), and I'm sure both cities have their pluses and minuses.

    I was more curious as to why the melbourne people seem to want to compare the two cities.
  8. WTF is Sydney?
  9. Because we need to talk about something when the weather is bad.
  10. It's the same with England/Scotland.

    Most English people couldn't give a rats arse about Scotland.

    Sydney, I am sure it's a great place.
  11. Say's who?
  12. Depends on what you call important, a lot of companies have thier Asian head offices out of Sydney. Mainly I suspect due to the harbour!

    Melbourne is the home of AFL, F1 GP, MotorGP, Australian Open tennis, Spring racing carnival, Melbourne Storm and can run two basketball teams and that makes it more important IMO. :p
  13. Whatever the good points of each (I'm a Sydney boy originally but also enjoyed 3 years in Melbourne), when it comes to year-round riding weather it's Brisvegas FTW. ;)
  14. sydney is pretty with its beaches and whatnot....pretty gay that is!!!

    lol \:D/ :popcorn:
  15. OK, looks like this thread will go in this direction .. hehehe. Having spent a bit of time in both cities (much more in Sydney), this is what I like:

    chicks (the further north the better they get, sorry)


    Only a few, I know, because both cities have such veried communities that you can find all type of people and lifestyles there. If you consider Sydney for instance, your experience will totally change depending on where you go / who you mix with.

    Regarding Sydney being more important matti-san, on the big scale those sporting events that you quote are not really what is considered 'important' (but interesting that you should think so, it sheds a new light into why governments work so had at securing them .. hmmm.)
    I meant as a financial centre to the region ... you know ... money? the stuff that makes the world go around ... :wink:

    PS. Melbourne people appear to be a little homophobic. Either that, or they're trying to deny their own homosexuality .. :LOL: a psychologist would have a field day ....
  16. Sydney.

    Do I need to actually read this thread or is that enough? I expect it pretty much covers it.
  17. The reason we Sydneysiders don't care about Melbourne is that all we seem to care about is where you live in Sydney. When you go to other countries, they ask you things like "what's your job" or "how do you like it". :roll: The first thing people ask you in Sydney is "where do you live"

    And Melbournites don't live in Sydney :grin:
  18. Sydney, Australia's answer to New York.
  19. This is garbage. Both places are excellent.
  20. +10, although Sydney got a more hectic pace to it than Melbourne.
    Falafel @ 10pm near King's Cross' a rather warped experience.