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Melbourne Used bike dealerships

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by wingsout, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. So i've looked through the search function but cant seem to find anything...

    i'm looking for a decent used motorcycle dealership (obviously not Sumoto) that should have a few CBR250's ... i honestly have no idea about mechanics of bikes and wouldn't mind a simple warranty..

    Anybody know of place anywhere in Melb???

    Peter stevens but they dont have much of a range of 2nd hand/used bikes.
  2. sigh...

    anybody?? im dying to jump on my very own bike..
  3. where do you live?
    I like Mick Hone in Box Hill but I don't know if he has any CBR250's at the moment.
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  5. I'll let you in on a secret.

    CBR250's are shit.
  6. I Got my zx9 from spot on in elizabeth street and have done 100,000 plus ks on it in the last three years and found them ok to deal with.With a cbr 250 good luck finding one that hasnt been thrashed but im sure you know that,give them a ring and then haggle like shit if ya find one that ya like :wink:
  7. just curious, how much did you pay for you zx9?
  8. Too Right.

    I started off with a GPX250 that I borrowed from a friend for a month then I bought myself a RGV250. I thrashed that bike for 2 years and retired it due to a slipping clutch. I've still got it in storage. RGV250 is one of the best 250 bikes you can get - but they are banned under the LAMS scheme.

    See the list of bikes you can get on your Ls/ Restricted Ps and go test ride a few.

    If your taller than 5'5" the CBR250 will feel too small, low and uncomfortable.
  9. I've never dealt with these folk myself, but used to work with a bloke who gave them a good rap. He and two or three of his mates had bought bikes from there, and all were good.
  10. City West Yamaha in Hoppers Crossing typically carry a few cbr250's. If you want a hand looking through them at City West, let me know as I know the guys well.

    Edit: Err I just noticed that you already have a bike and this thread is a bit old.