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Melbourne used bike dealers for a learner

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Questor, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. Did a quick search but couldn't see anything super recent so thought I'd ask the question.

    Who are the current recommended dealers who are happy to talk to learners?
    Keen to get some ks under my belt and get the practice in, but given my only real experience was on the CB125 I did the learner course on, I'd like to go somewhere with a selection that I can have a look at, and sit on, to find the bike that's right for me.
    Bike recommendations are of course always welcome, but I figure as a learner, used is probably the most sensible option, at least initially, so given the unknown of used stock, I'd rather not go in looking for something, only to find it's not there, if that makes sense.
    Of course gear is the most important bit, so that will be bought first, then the bike, but I would like to get onto it as soon as possible :)
  2. Most dealers are happy to talk to learners, a sale is a sale. Are you after New or Second Hand?
  3. I am only a couple of weeks on the road and don't have the experience of most people here, but have just been through this QuestorQuestor and found the best place to try siting and sizing bikes was PS. They have most makes available in one configuration or another. Pricing probably wasn't as good as most of the little guys for a new bike, but they are salesmen and will try to sell you a bike on the day didn't haggle too hard with them as They wanted to get their manager involved and I wanted to give my local a chance as I would rather have a relationship with them.

    Depending on size you are looking at and features (I wanted ABS for OH to soften the whole bike blow) in the larger bikes there is minimal price between new and 2-3yr old. Others more experienced can correct me but it seems to be due to the LAMS changes, the 500-650 size used bikes are really holding price ATM

    Good luck, don't rush the decision. Took me 3 months and I lost count of how many bikes I sat on just to make sure they were going to be comfortable. Sit on them while talking so that you are on each one for at least 5-10 minutes, you will be on them for a lot longer if you buy them.
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  4. most of them will be happy to talk to you.
    Do some on line google fu and go in armed with some details / pricing on the bike of your choice so they can see your not going to be a total walk over.
    And as always compare compare compare :)
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  5. I know A1 in Ringwood, Peter Stevens in Dandenong and the city
    Anywhere else anyone would recommend?
  6. There's Peter Stevens in Ringwood as well, plus Yamaha Frankston, Mornington Ducati, City Ducati etc.

    Beat of luck...
  7. If your still looking for a bike, i dont think peter stevens are that friendly when it comes to letting Learners test ride anymore (to many accidents in 1 week from just going out on the road), theres also a place in ferntree gully just on ferntree gully rd near stud rd called moto technic, they might still let Learners test ride on the quiet weekends through the industrial are behind them, they have the chinese brands as well and i think some hondas everything else is notLams approved.

    anyway good luck and hopeyou find your fit