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Melbourne Traffic This Morning, Wtf?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MV, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. I mean really? Every arterial road? Any one know what was going on?

    Crazy... Still, got to work in 30 mins, my usual is 15, I guess I can still biatch the traffic.

    Emergency lane, check
    Turning lanes, check
    Footpath, Check
    Footbridge through park, er, no I drew the line there.
  2. You live in a city with 4 million people all trying to use their cars at the same time. What else would happen?
  3. According to the traffic reports, pretty much all down to one truck crash on the Westgate.
    Don't worry, it'll all be solved soon when freight moves over to bicycles.
  4. Yeah supposedly an accident in the tunnel at like 5:30AM. Left home at 8:30AM and traffic was banked up to Fitzgerald Rd/Deer Park bypass. I assume people decided to take the inside route after hearing that on the radio/news.
  5. I happened to be heading down CityLink at 7:15 this morning and all of the electronic signs were warning of an accident in the Burnley tunnel - fortunately I was heading the other direction and it wasn't so bad. Went through the Burnley tunnel an hour ago and it was still congested with one lane closed!
  6. I came in from the south east around 7 and traffic was pretty much non-existent :D
  7. Sucked in cahnts,I got up about 10 and went riding in the hills.
    Had a counter lunch and beers and retuned.
    Bugger all traffic.
    Now its beers and a HJ.
  8. Hope it gets torn off.